baby acne :-(

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baby acne :-(

Poor kiddo! My girls had it a little bit, but this poor little boy has it covering his cheeks and there are several pimples as far back as above his ears.... oh, and the majority of his 1/2 inch of hair all fell out a few weeks ago, so he's working on growing in peach fuzz while sporting a mullet in the back. Have any of yours lost hair or gotten covered in acne? I just wish I could do something more to help and I hope it's not painful for him!

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Peyton had acne for a week but it is gone now, he still has his head full of hair. I hope Elijah's does too.

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We lucked out... no acne here, and still tons of hair! Not looking forward to the look when the back of the head gets rubbed bald, but the bottom is a super long mullet!!

Hope all the acne clears up soon...


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Desmond has baby acne still. He's had it for a few weeks now. It clears up every now and then but then it gets worse again ha. He's even had a few on his chest and back.

He still has a lot of hair though. I love feeling how soft it is lol.

Hope Elijah's acne clears up soon!

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Emma had acne really bad. It was even on her chest and back but luckily it cleared up now. She has not lost any hair but none of my kids really lost hair.

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Ella had pretty bad acne for a couple of weeks. Then her face got really dry. It's almost all cleared up now though. She's still go all her hair. I love it! DS was sooo bald for sooo long! It's still a shock to have a baby with so much hair!