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Baby Monitors

Hello Ladies, I have been researching a lot of product reviews for various items for our little bean. One product I can't seem get consistent reviews on is the baby monitor. I dont know that we will go the video monitor route, so I wanted to hear your opinions on audio monitors. The nursery is on the second floor along with our Master Bedroom but I will also want to have a monitor downstairs. Which monitors have you liked?

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Don't have any input since we have never used a monitor... We have always gone with the belief that if I could hear the baby crying I would go, but I didn't want to be waking up for every little noise because often it is just a small noise as they are settling themselves back to sleep and if I woke up and went in to check, then I'd be interrupting the baby putting herself/himself back to sleep.

Hope other posters have better advice on monitors!


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We have this one. It works, but it's not ideal. There's always a hum on the receiver end and sometimes the light just stays red and it hums really loud. Then you have to go and turn off the monitor and smack it against your hand to fix it. Then it'll work decently for a little while. You might look into some that have better ratings. Biggrin

We bought THIS video monitor a couple of months ago and I LOVE it!! I don't think we'll use it for the new LO until he's more mobile, but it's been amazing to see what DD is doing in her crib after we put her down at night! We can see if she's actually up or just cried out in her sleep etc. The audio quality on it is far superior to the about audio monitor as well. I think once DS gets a little older we'll probably just get another camera for it. But again, I don't think it's at all necessary for a newborn/very tiny baby.

I know that's not terribly helpful, but at least you kind of know which audio monitor to avoid. :bigwink:

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I've had a fisher price lights & sounds one before and always loved it. Had EXCELLENT reception, especially considering that other people in the area always got interference and had fuzzy static noise. Of course, when I didn't think I'd be having any more children, I sold my set last Spring. We're looking at getting this one - Monitors, in my opinion, are worth spending a few extra dollars for higher quality, instead of later being disappointed in the quality and getting a different one.

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Well I'm sure I won't be too helpful because the monitor we use is about 20 years old (LOL!) My mom gave me the one my gparents gave her when my younger brother was about to be born and she never used it. So I used it for DD1 and DD2. It's seriously old school, with only two stations and hums if the volume is up too loud. However, it works for us lol.

But my complaints about it are the fact that because there are only 2 different channels then the other monitors within range interfere. For example the neighbors diagonal from us in housing lets their baby cry A LOT and for a while I kept thinking it was DD2 freaking out and I'd go check on her, only to discover it wasn't her and she'd get disturbed. Gah! Anyway, I can also sometimes hear convos on it lol.

But we switched the channel and fixed that problem and just hoped no one else would have a monitor that mine could pick up on that channel lol.

I have a friend who had a video monitor (don't remember which one though) and she said it also picked up other people's video and you could see someone else's baby! How scary! Hers ended up breaking though (it may have glitched out which is why maybe she saw someone else's baby) and she got a different one. Sadly, I don't remember what brand hers was and I doubt she'd remember.

If you get interested in one, check out reviews first is my suggestion. Hope you find one you like!

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I have an Angelcare monitor and it is the best thing ever! It tells you the temp in the room, has a sensor pad that can tell if the baby stops breathing, and a lot of other features. One of the ones that helped me was the voice activation. You can set it to be really sensitive for when the baby is young or less sensitive when the baby is older. It works by not having any white noise and then turning on when the baby cries. I set mine on the middle setting because I am a very light sleeper and didnt want to be woken up by every little grunt. (I had a newborn that was a noisy sleeper)

I have this one:

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We have the Sony Baby Call and I've always been very happy with it. Always very clear, no interference or anything. It's got good range too.

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I went through 2-3 different monitors (both were $50ish) before I found one I a garage sale! :eek: It does hum a little but I can hear ever movement with it (I'm crazy but I like that because I sleep REALLY hard so only the loud stuff wakes me up). HOWEVER, it broke recently SOOOO I'm getting a new one for baby. I'm pretty sure we'll end up with a video monitor because the boys will share a room when baby is around 4 months old so I'd like to be able to keep an eye on Zayne at night. ROFL

I looked into an Angel Care with Zayne but had read that sometimes the breathing monitor went off for no reason, I'm sure it's better now.

Sorry I'm probably no help except that you should know that the expensive monitors aren't always the best monitors.

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Thank you ladies...a lot of food for thought.