Baby Shower!

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Baby Shower!

Do you plan on having one?

Since we are having a girl this go round i think we will have one. Tho with tax season right before baby is born im not sure when to have it Blum 3 When is a good time?

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It would be fun to have a baby shower, but since my family lives in Ontario, and we are in BC, and my partner's family lives over 5 hours away, I don't think we will. We didn't have one for my daughter, and we aren't married, so we haven't had a wedding shower either. I think it would be really fun to have everyone over for an afternoon to visit and be together, but on the flip side, I'm not a big fan of being centre of attention, soo...

Enjoy all the cute girl things!!! I had no idea how cute little girl things could be before my daughter since all the other children we've had have been boys!!!


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I'm not sure. DH doesn't really want to and like PP, I don't like to be center of attention. Plus I don't like to be around a lot of people at once. DH is the same way (which is why he really doesn't want to). Our family is in TX while we're in CA so they're about 1500 miles away.

Plus I just bought a bunch of used clothes online and we have all the big things still from DD1 and DD2.

Odds are we won't unless someone really convinces me to ha ha. Like with DD2. The girls I worked with really wanted to throw me one so I finally gave in and let them throw me one ha ha.

Since you're planning on having one, maybe around Feb? That way you still have a little bit of time before your daughter is born.

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Nah, unless someone surprises me with one (which I see no reason why anyone would, other than the fact that we're having a boy). We have everything we need except clothes and diapers, pretty much, and we can get that stuff ourselves easily. I'm really excited though, because I'm planning to throw a shower for my best friend, who is due 11 days before me with her first baby (also a boy!). That will be more fun for me than a shower of my own!

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We only have baby showers for the first baby in our family so nope no baby shower for us.

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I know a few of my family members have already talked about it, so I am sure something will be happening. This time around, I had given away or sold everything, because I didn't think I would be having another one. Thankfully, many of the large necessities have been given to us second-hand, so we'll just need clothes, the toiletries, and cloth diaper stuff Smile

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Yep! This is my first baby so we will be planning a shower.

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No, no shower here.
I may try to do a mother blessing this time though right before LO arrives.

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No shower here. If I were finding out gender and it was a girl I'm sure my family would do something but instead they will wait until baby is born.

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My Mom is throwing one for us. It will probably be mid-February, but after the Super Bowl (of course!).

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No shower for me, didn't have one with my first and won't have one for my second. I hate being the center of attention and would rather not be playing referee to attendees. However; most people did still give a baby gift which was appreciated but not necessary.

Oh and my department at work held a luncheon complete with baby gifts.

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no I won't be having a shower this time.

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Since this is baby #3 I am pretty sure there won't be a shower. The only thing we need is clothes and a new pack n play anyway.

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No shower for us, as this is #3. We did not have one for #2 either. Just our first.