baby's first run! - anyone else?

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baby's first run! - anyone else?

Well technically, it was baby's second run - I went out the morning after I found out I was pregnant, but ever since I've been dealing with the loss of my mom (she passed away the next day) AND first trimester symptoms. So I haven't been active AT ALL, except for a few spins on the elliptical and a few yoga classes.

I got really into running in the last year since I had my first m/c, and actually was able to run ten miles by the time I got pregnant in July. I didn't have high hopes about running through pregnancy and really wasn't sure it was something I even wanted to try, but I'm feeling so much more human these days that this morning my husband and I decided to give it a shot! We kept it short and took a lot of walking breaks, but I'm really happy to report that my back didn't hurt, my boobs weren't aching and my belly felt fine. Looks like I'm going to need some maternity tech tees! YAY!!! Yahoo

Are there any other runners in our group?

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I'm glad you're feeling better. That's great that you went out and ran. I'm sorry about what happened to your mom. That must be very hard.

I don't run but I have done some yoga off and on. I'm glad you've been feeling better and I'm glad you and your husband went running together. Sounds great!

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It's great to hear you're feeling human and that you enjoyed your run!

I am so sorry to hear about your mom Sad :bigarmhug:

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oh wow that's a lot for you Sad I'm so sorry to hear you lost your mom esp right after you got your pg news.

yay for a run...I'm a runner too (although not as much as I should...I need to get out and keep at it). I ran 5k last Sun (Run for the Cure) and I haven't run since, I'll probably go tomorrow morning before we start cooking our Thanksgiving dinner).
I'm hoping to keep it up at least for awhile but it gets quite cold (and snowy) here so I'm going to have to try treadmill running again (which I hate)

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Thanks, everyone. Losing my mom was not unexpected, but it's still really hard especially with two miscarriages in the last year. :confused:

I felt so good running today and I'm so glad to be a bit more active now! I hope to be able to keep it up for a while. Smile

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Yay for getting out and running again! I wish I had more time to get out and exercise instead of just biking in my room. I guess running after kids, and running kids around, all day is my thing for now.
I'm so sorry about your mom.

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Amy -

Good job girl! Kudos to you for getting out there and trying to get back to running, especially with everything going on in your life. Running always helps with lots of things -- and it just make you feel better and more energetic.

I am also a runner, having run a half marathon as recently as May of this year. But I haven't run since finding out I was pregnant for several reasons. I started a new job on the 5th week of my pregnancy and am currently commuting three hours a day back and forth to this job. If that weren't bad enough, the job has been extremely stressful as one of the other attorneys left within two weeks of me starting and I inherited her workload. We are intending to move to within 10 miles of my new job soon and I think my life will get much better then!

And with regards to your mom passing, I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with this. My mom was diagnosed with cancer within three weeks of the birth of my first and passed away on his first birthday. I miss her horribly; pregnancy is a time in your life when you just want to have her around to share in the excitement and be there for all the moral support you need. Sad

Hang in there and keep up the running - Kendra

preggo with #2 -- due April 18, 2011

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Way to go on staying active!! I was going to the gym 4-5 times a week, before I got pregnant with my first. As soon as the exhaustion hit me, I just couldn't bring myself to do anything aside from 40-45 hour work weeks. I really wish I would have been able to, but I felt like I was so sleepy ALL the time.

I can't imagine how difficult your recent losses are, just piling one on top of the other. I'm glad you've started feeling more human again! That return to somewhat "normal" is SO refreshing!

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That's great you're feeling up for a run now! I'm not a runner, but have a pretty vigorous daily yoga practice. Haven't done much during the first trimester due to extreme fatigue and morning sickness, so hoping that my energy comes back soon and the sickness subsides so I can do more than a bit of stretching.

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OMG I know! Amazing!!