Bald spots??

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Bald spots??

Just curious who's baby is getting a bald spot on the back of their head?? Heidi still has hair on the back (and crazy sticking up hair on the top, and a mullet down the back...) but I've noticed the last couple of mornings that there is hair on her blankets so I don't think it is long until the bald spot appears!


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Lucas's bald spot is starting! He also has spots on the sides of his head because he rubs them on his swing.

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I've been hoping Des doesn't get one. Lol so far he hasn't!

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Cammi has had one on the back of her head for a while. She finally starting to get hair on the top of her head!

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Eli had fuzz when he was born and then it all fell out. Now he has actual hair, but has had that bald spot for several weeks. He's also started getting cradle cap. Sad We've been scrubbing his head and brushing creamy baby oil onto it, which helps.