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Ok, so we were up at my friends house for the weekend, and she bathes her two kids (2 and 7) every day. Got me thinking since we only bath our 4 kids (5, 4, 3, baby) 3 times a week... Monday and Wednesday after swimming lessons, and Saturday mornings. Of course if they play in the mud or have an accident or are otherwise generally dirty, they get a bath, but every day??? I feel like we hardly have any time to just hang out in the evenings already, so if we bathed the kids daily, we really wouldn't have time.

How often do you bath your kids?? Are my kids dirty or are her kids overly clean??


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I don't think your kids are dirty, or that hers are necessarily overly clean, maybe they are. Mine are only 2 years old and 6 months old. I don't find that they get into enough dirt to require a daily bathing. Heck, I don't bathe every day these days!

Their 'bath nights' are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They occasionally will get additional baths if someone pukes all over themselves, or makes a complete mess of themselves in some other way.

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My kids' ped said 1-2 times a week is sufficient for most kids until they hit puberty, unless they get stinky or obviously dirty. One of my girls has a bit of dandruff, so we base her bathing more on keeping that under control. Since Elijah gets a lot of mini-diaper wipe baths, I don't feel so bad if there are days in between. I know many parents that have a hard time with bedtime routine, and having a nightly bath helps signal to the child that bedtime is coming.

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bad here, 1-2 /week and often is caused b/c of a poop blowout that needs to be cleaned

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My oldest bathes every day because she goes running around outside and comes home and she smells lol. She's 7 though.

My middle child bathes 2-3 times a week.

Desmond gets bathed 1-2 times a week.

I was always told that a baby shouldn't be bathed more than once a week because you could dry out their sensitive skin. And then my kids don't go out enough to get dirty enough to need a bath IMO. Although my in laws had a huge fit that I didn't bathe them every day and even took to bashing me on FB because of it HA HA!

anyway, to me, as long as they don't smell bad or look dirty, they should be fine. Different people have different bathing schedules Smile

I usually try to get a bath/shower in at least every other day but if I go longer, meh lol.

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I'm going to make the rest of you feel like really good parents. Our kids only get baths about once a month, on average! Both of us work full-time, so we're too tired to bathe them more frequently than that.

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We do about 2-3 a week during the winter. During the summer my oldest gets one about every day, he gets stinky!

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Desmond got a bath twice today lol. he kept throwing up on himself (and me) Sad

So he's extra clean now lol.

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We are at about once a week. Things are to crazy to try more then that. If they are dirty they get another bath but usually once a week works at this point.