Been on a roller coaster....

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Been on a roller coaster....

So yesterday morning I saw pink when I wiped. noooooooooo :(. I am 6 weeks today, and that is exactly how my previous m/c started. So i go to the Dr cause I can't ease my mind. They do an ultrasound and baby was measuring right on time at 5weeks 6 days, only we did not see a heart beat. Sad :( we did however see a yolk sack and fetal pole. I cant help but feel sad and worried. I do go back next Friday for a repeat ultrasound to see if we can find a heartbeat. Some good news is the spotting has stopped, which does make me feel better....some.

Please send me some sticky baby dust and lots of prayers. Thanks ladies.....


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I'm sorry to hear that hun. Sending lots of prayers & sticky dust your way! We are all here for you.

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Sending sticky dust your way!!! And lots of positive thoughts.

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I'm sure it was just a bit too early. The fact that there is a yolk sac and a fetal pole is an excellent sign! I bet you see a nice heartbeat at your next u/s! Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way! :bigarmhug:

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Oh hun, sending you tons of baby dust! Hoping you get great news next Friday!

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T&P with you !! Sending you sticky baby dust

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I am sorry that you are dealing with this. I hope everything is ok. T&Ps and lots of sticky dust!!!

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lots and lots of sticky vibes to you!!!!

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Sends Thoughts, Prayers, and Sticky Dust your way!