The beginning stages of nesting (venting)...

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The beginning stages of nesting (venting)...

Ugh...I've start nesting. I can feel it. I don't want to, but I do.

This weekend I went out and bought a bunch of baby boy clothes from Craigslist. Great deals BTW...$50 for over 100 pieces of clothing, some had blankets, some had shoes, some had hats. So I got two of the $50 for over 100 pieces which range from newborn to 3T! Then I went to another lady's house and got some socks that don't slip off and a few more outfits (some brand new with tags!) a big blanket, and a diaper pad for the diaper bag for $32 (I only got about 10-20 pieces of clothing, but a lot of it was new where as the others were used, which is okay too!)

So I got home that afternoon and began sorting through it because I realized WOW I got a lot of clothes ha ha. I sorted it into a pile I will use for baby and another to resell. I have 3 boxes of clothes to resell (gah!) Anyway, a lot of what I will resell is sports themed (DH and I aren't into sports). There was also a Whinnie the Pooh costume and a Clifford the Big Red dog costume ha ha.

So today I am washing those clothes to put away in a tub and pull out when it's about time for him to be here. And all I can see is how messy the house is. I decorated the house for Christmas and DD2 loved that, but I have like 5 loads of regular laundry (meaning DH and my clothes and one for the kids because I did their load Saturday). UGH!

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE DH a lot and he is a great husband and helps out...but Sunday he was suppose to do laundry. But he got irritated with me asking him to pull out money (I dunno the PIN to my card and I needed cash to pay the people) and he got irritated that I was already buying clothes, so instead of doing laundry...he played video games most of the day. UUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus I need our room cleaned. We have his workout stuff in our room and it's literally almost in the middle of the floor. So I almost always hit it getting out of bed and he has weights in the middle of the floor which I trip on...UGH!

So I want him to clean our room when he gets home from work. He's even wanting to invite people over for a bar b q tomorrow for his bday and our house is a disaster! But he sees it as "Well we're just getting ready for the next one, they'll understand" NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

I think it finally hit me how little time I have. He found out yesterday he will be in the field from the 9th to the 15th, which means he won't be here (and I will clean more) and then the 17th we're driving to TX for Christmas. We won't be back until about the 31st. Then he has off until like the 2nd or 3rd I think. Which is meant for him to relax if he wants it.

There is also the chance that he may deploy in January for a few months (should get back in March or April) or there's the chance of him deploying in April for 6 months (to a non combat zone again). SOOOO I am getting clothes in advance thinking of not wanting to have to wash all the clothes and buy these clothes if I'm by myself and having to drag all the kids to the store by myself (eventually I have to, but I don't have to right away...okay that's a lie, I'll do it after he is born for pics lol).

So as everything is hitting me I'm freaking out! I need his help but I know if I say anything with my current state of mind I'll yell and cry and that definately won't make him want to help ha ha. Although I did throw a bunch of laundry on our bed for him to fold that he was suppose to fold like 2 weeks ago...UGH seriously I'm stressing out!!!

I have at least one more load of the baby's clothes to throw in the wash, I have the girls' clothes to put away, and then I need to start on DH and my laundry. Boy I hate Oh and he has to clean the backyard (it's a disgusting disaster because of the dog) and I need to him clean clean the litterbox and not just scoop the litter for me.

As mean as this may sound, it was easier to keep the house real clean when he was deployed. I cleaned to make the time pass by fast and I had a routine for myself so I could look forward to the next day. I've really taken advantage of that since he's been back. But seriously, back then I would do laundry every like 3 days, fold it and put it away. Every night I could scoop the litterbox and clean the backyard and I vacuumed every other day! (sigh) why have I become lazy!

I just feel exhausted all the time. I want to snap my fingers and make my house all pretty again. Then there's the fact that after turning in my application to move into bigger housing the place we're in has yet to approve or deny our application just to get moved to the waiting list after I turned in the application at the end of August!

I have a feeling that when DH gets home tonight I will cry ha ha. Stupid hormones!!!

Sorry for my real long rant, I just needed to get it off my chest.

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Score on all those clothes for baby!

Sorry DH isn't being helpful. That would stress me out too. I think husbands create their fair share of mess (like the kids) but have a harder time cleaning it up directly after. At least with the kids you can encourage and the such when when you want to get them to clean up.

Right now my DH is in charge of laundry. The deal is he gets it started on Sunday morning that way during all the Sunday football games he can fold while he watches. A win win because he gets to watch both big games and I get the entire 4 person laundry pile done and put away without doing it myself.

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Rant away! I feel your pain. Except DH is currently unemployed so I can't really buy anything and it's very frustrating wanting to get ready for the new baby and not being able to spend any money.

I too seem to get more lazy when DH is home. When he was gone I had a routine and now that's all gone out the window!

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An Update on things...and probably another nice long post ha ha.

So last night DH came and did the laundry on the bed and said he would do our room the next day or two, plus I had picked stuff up so it wasn't as bad anymore anyway. Well as some of you remember I'm waiting to get our application approved so we can move on base to a bigger house. I called again today (3rd day in a row) to see if our application had gone through. Turns out it was denied. I asked why and the manager read the notes the previous manager had written saying our house was "unsanitary, had a foul odor coming from it, cluttered, and destroyed". I asked her if they said why it said it smelled and that the clutter (stuff in boxes) was because we thought we were moving and we were gathering stuff to donate! So I was crying at this point (stupid hormones!) and I apologized for raising my voice at her, that I wasn't mad at her but just stressed and frustrated and such. Then I told her that I have two girls, one in school, and another who is two and I have a boy on the way (that way they can't say to double up in rooms) and she said she could come over today in an hour and inspect our house herself and then submit it to her district manager because she didn't think it was fair we were denied since we needed a bigger house. So I said okay and call DH bawling my eyes out, hiccuping and everything. He was able to come home to help "tidy up" a bit and we organized things and I cleaned DD1's room (OMG what a disaster that child had! ha ha) and then cleaned our room while he did the kitchen and his storage area with his gear.

So the lady came by and she said as soon as she stepped foot in our house she remembered inspecting it with the lady. That she had been in training at the time to become the new manager and that she had seen nothing wrong with our house but that the lady inspecting it was being a jerk. That when she would say how "cluttered" it was that she new manager told her that we needed more space, it was understandable because we have kids, and that it wasn't bad at all. She said our house is older and needs new updates and that's not our fault but the old manager said that's why it was "destroyed" (the carpet is a mess because it's really old, but again not our fault). Anyway, so then she said she remembered that the smell was NOT from our house but from the neighbor's dog pooping all over and because it was hot out at that time (in the 100s) it cooked which made the smell worse. But she said our house looked good and that the other lady was just being a "not nice person" (okay she didn't say that, but she didn't say the b word either...just implied it ha ha).

She was real nice and said there wasn't a problem with our house and that she would do our application and once the district manager signs off on it (which she'll make sure will happen) then we will be put on the waiting list and she will try to see if we can get a house early next year before baby is here.

DH said that maybe we just need people to say they're going to come inspect the house to motivate us to pick up better ha ha. I'll get DH to vacuum tonight because there is no way I'm lugging that vacuum up the stairs AND doing the stairs.

I think a crying pregnant woman also helps with people pushing things through HA HA!

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You aren't crazy - it IS often MUCH easier keeping a house clean without a man around (especially military, sometimes). I was an army wife, dealt with the same drama, had to do an on-base move, etc. It is overwhelming to be in the position where you feel like the jealous mistress, because their first responsibility is signed away to the military and that is how they are trained to think. At any rate, it sounds great that they are pushing things forward for you!!! I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out.. not like you don't already have 100 other things on your mind.. Blum 3

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Way easier to keep it clean without my partner!! Especially since he has half the front hall filled with all his army crap.. and most of it is soo heavy I can't lift it to put it away!!

At least with all my little guys I can encourage them to clean up, and then clean up whatever is left over when they go to bed and know that they are little and learning. I think the four of them put together make more mess, but I don't have the frustration towards their mess because I don't have the same expectation of their ability to pick up after themselves!!

On the plus side, he came home with two receiving blankets and a couple tiny onesies today which was a major step since our two losses he has had a hard time feeling connected to this little one and hasn't been able to let himself beleive that this time is it a healthy little one and that we are getting closer and closer to it's arrival!!

Good news about your new home!! Hopefully it gets approved quickly and you can be settled in before the arrival of the little one!