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Belly button

I still have an innie... but it is getting less and less of an innie. I can't beleive that I hardly have a baby bump, but am losing my innie belly button!!! It isn't gone yet, but definitely not looking forward to having the belly button that sticks out and can be seen through shirts.. not one of my favourite parts of pregnancy.


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I for sure have an Innie and i will probably keep it that way lol
I dont know why but i think outies look cute when pregnant! weird much?!?!?:eek:

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Lol my DH was actually poking mine last night! He said he can't wait for it to finish poking all the way out so he can see it through my shirts! Lol of course my DH would think that's cute.

It's almost all the way out too. It has been for a while. Lol is it weird that I like touching it to see how soft it is? Lol yes I'm sure that sounds real odd!

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I think by the end of this pregnancy I will have an outie too! I normally have a deep belly button and in the past week I've noticed that it's not as deep, and I can actually make it poke out, which my DH finds funny too.

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I usually have a deep innie as well, but at 13 weeks, that became an outtie. My DS loves poking my belly button now that it sticks out lol. You can also see mines through my clothes too. Katie that is hilarious!

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mine is weird, had an innie now I have a top lip and then flat haha. dh keeps poking too crazy men

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Well I started out rather fluffy to begin (haha), with a SEVERE innie belly button, and as usual, mine is about halfway out. I have a small birthmark right next to the center of my belly button, so that's always amusing to see during pregnancy. Smile