Belly pic!

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Belly pic!

Here's my halfway there belly pic:

I feel HUGE compared to how I looked with DS.

Post your pics, ladies!

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What a perfect bump! Maybe I'll remember to have my husband take a pic for me tomorrow... I'm due for one.

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Wow, you look absolutely fabulous! I love your bump.

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Such a cute bump! I love it!!!

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Very cute preggo belly!!

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You have such a perfect belly!! Smile DH and I went to the beach today... he took a picture that I am amazed at. I think I look 40 weeks already! EEP!!

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Awww you girls look awesome! Amanda, I am GLAD I am not the only one with a big preggo belly -- however, you are wearing lots of clothes in that pic!. People keep staring at me like I've lost my mind when I tell them my due date. I took some pics today, but I'll retake next week and post the "halfway" picture.