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Belly Pic

34 Weeks! Post yours if you have a new one!

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You look great! Perfect!

I need to find a USB cord before I can upload mine I took on Sunday.

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***Lurker** Ali you look great!!!

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You look great!!

Here's my crappy phone pic....

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At 32 weeks Smile

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You ladies all look great and have adorable baby bumps!! I'll try to post one today; I've been hanging out in my pjs with messy hair all week, so it's about time to get dressed this week! LOL

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34 weeks, 3 days

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36 weeks, pic taken this morning. I feel like a whale. As per the OB this afternoon, uterus is measuring 40-41 weeks. Beee

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I'm also measuring 41 weeks and feel like a barn. You aren't alone Sad


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Cute bellies!

I am trying to post from the ipad...not sure if this will work!

Eta...guess not!