Belly pic comparison :)

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Belly pic comparison :)

Here is me at 18 weeks with this bean (now nicknamed "Gus") and at 25 weeks with my son...wearing the same shirt. I started popping noticably in the past week. Believe it or not, I weigh less now although it doesn't look like it. Who knows?

18 weeks, this afternoon...

25 weeks, six years ago...

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You are bigger at 18 weeks this time than you were at 25 weeks before! Crazy! I love looking at my pics from my previous pregnancy with DD and comparing to this one! You look amazing! You are defninitely one of those super cute pregnant ladies!!

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Aww you look great Smile

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You look great! Love the baby bump!
Totally more round than 6 years ago.

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Smile you look great, in both of them Smile