Belly pics!!

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Belly pics!!

40 weeks vs. 39 weeks:

Anyone else wanna share? I know there are more preggos still out there Biggrin

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looking good....hope everyone is feeling better today Biggrin

Haven't taken a pic in a few weeks, guess I should take one.....where are all the preggo ladies? I know mammas with newborns are very busy but the board has been super slow recently.

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You look great! Hopefully you'll go any time after the sickness is out of your house!

How many babies have yet to make their appearance? I've counted 22 babies born already (11 which were born in March!) that are on the April arrivals thread.

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Ill share, im 39 weeks and cant wait for Monday to get here and i can hold Miss Kinsley. Tho i have a cold from hell right now :/

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Looking great, ladies! End of pregnancy feels like so far away to me, now. Hope you both start feeling better, before the little ones come into the world! Smile

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So I have to explain this picture since I forgot to take a second picture without the Irish hat Biggrin

Tomorrow night Riverdance is playing in my city (and it's their final tour). I want to go and will likely buy tickets tomorrow before the show but figured why not enter a contest and see if I can get for free haha