Belly Pictures! **UPDATED**

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Belly Pictures! **UPDATED**

I finally figured out how to use photobucket again lol. So I will post the 2 belly pics I have (another will be added in a few days).

The first is from mid Sept. (I was so tired and nauseous lol) (around 11 weeks)

The second is from about October 10th. (around 14-15 weeks)

Next one I post will be around 18 1/2 weeks or 19 weeks. My belly is growing!

19 weeks along! I'm just growing upwards it seems! Ha ha.

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Wow, it really is! You look great!

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You have a really cute little pokey outey belly!! I love it!

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You have such a cute belly Smile

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OMG You have the cutest belly!!! Beautiful too Smile

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Loving the belly! TFS