Better late than never! Madeline Grace was born 4-7!!!

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Better late than never! Madeline Grace was born 4-7!!!

I am sorry i haven't updated...but Maddie was born last Satirday, 4 days late. She was 9lbs, 2oz, and 22 inches long. All fingers and toes intact, and i will post a birth story and pics soon.

Congrats to all the April Mommies!!!

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congrats Biggrin

9lb :O Big girl

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Congrats! I wondered if you had gone into labor yet!

Can't wait to see her picture and hear the birth story!

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Congrats! Can't wait for the birth story and pics. Welcome, Madeline!

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I've been waiting for you to post this here! Congrats again!!!

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Congratulations! Don't feel bad about being slow to update... I still haven't posted a birth story- too much going on right after a LO comes into your life!

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Congrats mama!! Big Girl Smile

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WTTW Maddie! It's about time, too! Congrats to you and your family, and I'll eagerly be waiting for pics!

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Congrats and WTTW Madeline !