BFP!!!! followed by BFN :( (XP)

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BFP!!!! followed by BFN :( (XP)

Today is CD43..... and still no AF. Not entirely unusual for me when I'm off BC. But yesterday I had brownish spotting and something told me to go get a test. So yesterday afternoon I SAW A LINE!!! It wasn't very dark... but it wasn't one of those crazy deals where you have to photoshop it in order to really see something. Now I wish I had taken a picture. This morning I wanted to test with FMU to confirm and get a darker result. NO LINE. And still no AF. Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!! Obviously I'm going to test again at some point today, but I'm at a complete loss as to why/how that could happen. Even if the pregnancy wasn't taking I would think that the hormones wouldn't just vanish. Plus... then where is AF?

Questions/comments/commiserating welcome!

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That is weird did you use a different kind of test because some are less sensitive then others. I hope you get your true BFP soon!!

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Whenever I would test, I would use 2-3 tests per urine sample just in case something like that happened! I would go to the dollar store and buy a few tests and I would usually use only two the first time, then the next day or two, take another one or two.

When I got my positive this time around, I had purchased test strips off Amazon that came 25 tests to a pack for about $5.00. They're the kind you dip in urine. Anyway, as soon as they came in I used one and when I saw two lines I couldn't believe it! I was still a week away from my expected period, and so I did another real quick, and when it came up positive as well, I called my husband over to see.

Then next day I couldn't believe it and tested two more times. Ha Ha!

I hope you get your BFP soon!

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I too hope you get your BFP! I agree that some tests are more sensitive than others so I would just wait two days and test again.

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I agree with the other ladies. All tests are different, so make sure you take multiples. Hoping you get that BFP later today!