BFP with NO symptoms at all?

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BFP with NO symptoms at all?

Have any of you, either this pregnancy or previously, had a BFP but had NO pregnancy symptoms other than lack of period? If I am pregnant, I'll be 5 weeks. My period is around 10 days late. Two pregnancy tests have resulted in negative. I'm having no symtoms at all. I cramp occasionally but that is all.

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Could be having a longer than normal cycle, maybe you O'd later due to sickness or stress?

Might want to see a doctor if it's much longer than normal. They will end up doing a blood test and possibly proscribing progesterone to kick start your cycle.

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My first two pregnancies I don't remember having any symptoms, but I did get positive pregnancy tests with them too.

The first one I was 17 and in school so I may have been too stressed from that and problems with my then boyfriend to really realize it. I didn't really have morning sickness with her either. I got sick maybe twice in the entire 9 months.

The 2nd one I went to work all the way up until the day I went into labor. I don't really remember having many symptoms with her either. I did have morning sickness later in the pregnancy...I was 2-3 months when it started and again only threw up 2-3 times.

However near the end of both pregnancies I was really emotional, crying all the time and getting mad ha ha.

My last two pregnancies (one ended in m/c in April at 6 weeks) I have been exhausted and very nauseous. Although in the m/c one I also had bad migraines ALL the time (which I've read isn't a good sign) and extremely sore boobs that just hurt all the time (the pain ended and that's when I knew I was miscarrying). In my current one I have mild cramping, sore hips, and real sore boobs.

If you're stressing or just started working out, that can effect your cycles. If you are really worried about it, you should call your doctor and make an appt to see if they can do a blood test. Hope everything works out the way you want it to!

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I've never had any real symptoms except fatigue...ok make that EXHAUSTION! With this baby I've noticed a little more nausea (but not throwing up) and boob pain but that's about it. Not everyone has symptoms.

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I don't have a lot of symptoms, and haven't with any of my three pregnancies so far. The main thing I notice is exhaustion, and crampiness. So I'd think it could be possible for you. Could you have ovulated late?

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I dont have any symptoms that really catch my attention, nor have I with my other pregnancies. I am more tired for sure, but even that usually doesnt hit in full force until 8 weeks or so. I do get a bit crampy, but nothing very notable. It's nice to not be sick and miserable, but it always hard to "know" you're pregnant if you don't feel any different! That is just the way it is with some girls though.