The big reveal ...

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The big reveal ...

We finally had our big ultrasound! Was our early prediction correct??

it's a boy!

IT WAS! We are having a little BOY!!!!!

Here are two more pictures ...

spine and ribs

That's his spine and ribs. Amazing!

finger guns

And here he is giving us finger guns.

The appointment went really well. Everything looks great and baby is measuring right where he should. They told us he weighs 1 lb 3 oz! Heartbeat was 152.

They want me to come back in 6-8 weeks to check baby's thyroid - they think the dose of thyroid meds I'm on won't have any effect on the baby, but to be sure they want to take a look. That is fine with me -- more peeks at our boy!

And now that we know the gender ... time to start thinking seriously about a name! Aaaaahhh!!!

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Welcome to team blue!!!! You got some great pictures!

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Congrats on your boy! And I agree...the spine and ribs shot it awesome! Love the pictures!

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Congrats on your boy!

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Woohoo congrats!

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Yay, team blue!! We got one of each today! I love good news about healthy babies!

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yayyyyyyyyyy healthy little man!!

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yay great appt congrats on your boy Smile

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Congrats on your wee boy!

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Congratulations on your boy! Love the pictures!

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Yay, congrats on your baby boy! Welcome to team blue!

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Thanks everyone! Smile