Birth Certificate?

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Birth Certificate?

Has anyone gotten theirs for their LO yet?

I need ours to come soon for insurance, its been 7 weeks as of yesterday. I can't remember how long it took with the other boys. Might be different depending on the state you live in too. Just seems like it takes soooo long. We got his SS card weeks ago. Insurance only gives us 90 days to submitt the birth cert. and we are coming up on 60 days pretty fast.

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We have to go get them from the courthouse and pay $23 dollars for it. I haven't even got Lyla's yet, much less Kole's. I guess we should do that so that we have them if we need them.

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I keep forgetting I need to get Desmond's! I didn't buy DD2's until she was 2 months old and only did because DH needed proof of her birth for military records. With Des, they gave us one at the Naval Hospital (it's an unofficial one) and I need to order his still. I know you can do it online. When I ordered DD2's I don't think it took very long to get here (maybe a month?) and we were in TX. And I ordered two of them (my mom always said to keep an extra copy).

Also they told us it would take 6-8 weeks to get his SSC but we got it like a week later. I was surprised at how fast it was!

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UGH I keep forgetting to order it! Ours are $25 for the first one and $15 for additional copies. I've been so busy with school that I keep forgetting to do these kinds of things. Thank you for the reminder Smile

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I ordered Heidi's right away for two reasons... Parents get fined for not registering births within 30 days and the birth certificate comes after registering, and I needed it to get her status card. I think I need it to get her passport too, but I haven't done that yet...guess I should get on it! The place to get the passport pictures taken is right next to where the immunizations are done... could be an interesting back to back outing!!


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We got Lucas's when he was only 2-3 weeks old. The hospital did all the paperwork for us. His birth certificate and social security card came the same day. I didn't need either one for his insurance though. I was able to add him right away.

Hope yours arrives soon!