Birth control?

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Birth control?

So I think we are DONE now. Dh agreed to get the big V after I asked him, which I think is only fair. But i was wondering if anyone knew about the essure permanent method for women. If it isn't too uncomfortable, i might get fixed instead. I am just slightly nervous about trying something relatively new.

Part of me is sad...i would like to have more, but we are not independently wealthy, so I will be prudent!

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I dunno if I'll ever feel completely done. DH says we are but part of me isn't sure yet. I got the pill again.

I have read a lot of good things about Essure and I thought about getting that done if DH didn't want to get the big V. But he said that he'd get that done since I had the kids. Although we found out the military won't do it unless he's 28 and I dunno about going to a regular dr when they'd do it.

Anyway, I would talk to your OB about Essure and see what they say about it.

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Once we are sure that we are done I will likely get the Essure. I've heard good things about it and it's not like a tubal. With the Essure you can have it done in an in office procedure and there's no major recovery time. Though it takes 3 months for it to become fully effective (tested with and HSG, which I HATED when I had one done before) so there's that to consider.

My DH is cruel and refuses to get snipped, despite what I've been through to have these kids! I don't know what we'll do in the meantime since, right now, we aren't sure we are done and my body does not like any hormonal BC.

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We are trying to figure that out now. I don't want to do anything permenant yet.... I am Sure we are done but what if...... My Ob said I can't get another iud at my 6 week check up??? I have with the other 2 so I am still trying to figure that out.

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I am sooooooooooo happy to say I got my tubes tied after Eli. Having 3 of my own, and my step son (summers, Christmas and spring breaks) are plenty!

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I'm getting Essure done as soon as I can. I will be talking to my OB about it. I had my best friend do it to be my guinea pig. She is very happy with it, and said it was only mildly uncomfortable to get done. They gave her depo-provera to keep her from getting pregnant during the 3 months it takes for the scar tissue to form, so I need to find out if that's standard procedure.

My DH refuses to get a vasectomy, and tubes can grow back together, which is frightening. And if there's a 1% chance of something happening, it will happen to me...

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I got a tubal because we are definately done. DH would have gotten a V but they were already in there so I am glad we did it.

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