Birthday parties

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Birthday parties

Is anyone planning a Sprout birthday party? First birthdays are just around the corner. I was deep into planning for DD's 1st birthday party at this point but haven't given it much thought with Kole yet.


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We don't have enough friends to do a bday party LOL!

But not only that DH's window for deployment is around that time so we're most likely going to celebrate early because as of right now he won't be here for Desmond's first birthday Cray 2

We're just going to do our family and a cake and presents for him. Oh and of course first bday pictures! Can't wait for that ha ha because he has the cutest outfit!

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just family and no planning, we're 3mths away and I'm not in any rush for that day to come (back to work in 2.5mths)

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I'm a planner! Have my MIL calling to secure the location on Monday and have the theme picked out. Found a baker that I want to make the cake, and a smash cake for his pictures.

I'm a bit anal.

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We will just to his brothers and us. I had a big party with my DS1 but after that its been just family parties for our little guys.

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Haven't even thought about it!