Bloating-- anyone else??

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Bloating-- anyone else??

Ugh! It seems like almost every meal I eat results in intense and uncomfortable bloating. It's been this way for almost a week! No joke-- every night after dinner until I go to bed I literally look 5 months pregnant. And then I wake up in the morning looking normal again. It's ridiculous! I know all the extra progesterone is supposed to increase bloating, but I have no memory of this from my previous pregnancy. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Oh yes, I feel your pain. I get so bloated by the end of the day I look like I'm 5 or 6 months pregnant. I'm on progesterone supplements so it's even worse! Ugh!

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I feel ya on the end of day bloating. Some days are worse than others so I wonder if its certain foods or what.

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I do feel somewhat bloated. Although not as bad as I would the first 2 days of AF. But it is definitely there and equally annoying.

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Definitely, pants gets real tight by the end of the day!!

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Oh ya! I've got major bloating going on! I feel like I need to wear maternity pants already, only because my pants get so tight and uncomfortable after I eat. This is #3 though, so I guess I should expect this!

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Amen on the pants thing!! The last 2 nights I've changed into my pajama pants right after dinner because I'm so uncomfortable in my regular pants. Craziness!

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yup! I'm right there with you as well! ugghh....