C/S Birth Plan

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C/S Birth Plan

Ladies, can you give me your thoughts on a birth plan for a cesarean. Anything that I am missing? I have some questions for my OB at my next visit, to include: when the catheter is inserted, double suturing, medications used post-op. Thanks

I Danielle, the birth mother would like all effort made to accommodate our wishes as a family for the following c-section birth plan.....

 I would like to meet each staff member in the OR who will be participating in the cesarean.
 Explain all medications that will be used to me.
 I would like for my husband (and mother?) and baby to stay in the OR with me while surgery is completed and remain in recovery with me.
 If the baby needs medical assistance requiring leaving the OR I?d like for another person (Mother-Anita) to attend me in the OR while my husband goes with the baby so I won?t have to be alone.
 Please lower the curtain and hold my baby up so I can see her at the moment of birth.
 Request my arms not be strapped down so I may touch my baby freely.
 I would like my baby placed skin to skin on my chest immediately after basic assessments while in the OR. My husband can hold baby there with a blanket over my baby.
 In the event of a hysterectomy, please do not remove my ovaries or anything else that isn?t medically necessary.
 I would like to breastfeed my baby as soon as possible in recovery.

 In the event the baby requires medical attention beyond that of a healthy baby, please inform me and my husband verbally what is needed or will be needed so I can actively participate in choices made for my baby's care.
 I plan to breastfeed exclusively, so no pacifier, formula, sugar water should be given to my baby.
 I would like to have the baby room-in with me during my stay in the hospital

Thank you for honoring my requests for my baby and me.

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Do you know the hospital's procedures for the c/s? That would help immensely with figuring out the birth plan.

The hospital I had my first at was very pro-mother / baby time. I didn't get to see the baby after removal because well, hard to do when you are flat on your back. My arms were released so I could touch him when the hubs brought him over to me. As soon as I was closed up and situated back on a bed, the baby was brought to my arms to head to recovery. Once in recovery I was able to get him on the breast. He stayed with us from that point forward. Hubs had to carry him to our mother/baby room because I was zonked out!

Basic OR stuff probably won't let you have more than 1 person in there, but I've never worked in a hospital. Biggrin

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Yeah, it is wishful thinking that my husband and mom could both be in the room, but I still have to ask if exceptions are ever made. Hubby gets light-headed, so I hope to God he doesn't pass out.

I will find out more about the hospital C/S procedures at my visit next week. Thank you

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Ask for hubby to be give a stool or chair in while in the operating room. My DH is the same way and the nurses brought him a stool to sit on during the whole thing.

Totally find out about hospital policy and procedures for c/s as they can vary.

Everything on your list looks good! Maybe include something about your wish for DH/Mom to take pics? I'm sure most places are ok with that but might be good to check. Also would your DH or mom want to cut the cord? I think they can do that if its something you guys want and the hospital is ok with it.

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I think it looks like a good plan overall. The hospital where I had my DD did not allow baby to stay in the room and go to recovery with me. DH went with her to the nursery with her and stayed with her. So just be aware that not all hospitals do that, but I have heard some that do, so definitely worth talking about with them. My hospital only allows 1 person in the OR with you, so if your hospital has a similar policy, you might ask that your mother replace your DH if they take the baby away.

I think you have all the essentials covered. Something else to maybe think about. When I had my c/s they made my DH wait somewhere else while they took me to the OR got me on the table and placed the epidural for the c/s. DH wasn't brought in until the surgery started.

You'll want to ask if someone in the room can take pictures of you meeting your baby for the first time. When baby is placed on your chest or held up to you to kiss you want pictures of that. We didn't think of that ahead of time, but the anesthesiologist took the camera from DH and took pictures. They are amazing and are very special to me.

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Most places insert the catheter after the anesthesia has been administered, so you don't feel any discomfort going in, but double-check that with the L&D nurses.

I asked for my arms to not be strapped down, and the OR people were fine with it. One thing I didn't expect, though, is that air entered my chest cavity through the incision and caused some shoulder cramps that were so bad I didn't feel safe moving my arms to hold my daughter. I was afraid I would drop her.

Ask the nurses to have your morphine (or whatever post-op pain relief they're planning to give you) available in your room BEFORE you get out of surgery. I had to wait 45 minutes after surgery while the nurses went to a different floor to find the morphine, and then get it set up. The burning around the incision got really annoying.

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Looks like a good plan! The only thing I might add/change (and this is really just semantics) is at the end where you state you want to exclusively breastfeed, so no formula/sugar water/pacifiers be given. Maye instead of listing the specific liquids, I would state, "No bottles be given." I know that seems so nitpicky, but I couldn't help but notice that it doesn't actually specifically say "no bottles." Just my 2 cents, silly as it may be! Smile

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thanks again ladies. I think once I have a better handle on hospital C/S policies/procedures, I can tie up some loose ends on this plan. Thank you for your suggestions. I have definately incorporated many of them and you also gave me some additional questions to ask my OB. Less than one month! Holy Smokes.

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I actually just did a c/s plan to help sortof "fear clear" before going for my vbac.

2 things I didn't see on yours that I had in mine:
-No deep suctioning of the baby unless there is indication it is required. Sometimes the deep suctioning is standard practice and not needed. It can be traumatic to their eusophagus (sp?), throat, and mouth, and I just feel that if it isn't necessary, it shouldn't be done.
-Also, skin-to-skin can be done immediately. All of the initial assessments can be done in your arms. The APGAR assessments can be performed while you are holding baby. So barring any unusual circumstances, you could hold baby straight away and there is no need to go to the warmers. You are actually much more effective at stabilizing baby's body heat through your own than the warmers are anyways.

But those are just my 2 cents Biggrin