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c/s scheduled

I always hit this strange sense that everything is surreal, and there's no way I'm going to have child come out of my body. HAHA! Well, 3/27 (next Tue) @ 10AM, this little man is going to break out of his little cocoon! I'll be 39 weeks (My earliest dating said Wed and I just forgot to adjust- whoops), and since this "little" guy is over 9 pounds, and SERIOUSLY breech, not to mention another 84776364567 reasons why vbac is risky :rolleyes: ...but the super-heifer & breech things together just amplify risks and greatly diminish chances of success. I've come to terms with it, but if nothing else, I'll be delivering closer to family/ old friends (1.5 hour from where I live while finishing up school), and I trust this hospital more than any other institution in the state.

Let me just say, as my first time with a baby in breech position, my lungs are crushed constantly, my acid reflux is there constantly, I can't put my own socks on anymore, I feel no additional relief on my hips (shouldn't I, since more of him is up in my lungs?) Beee . When the doc asks how I'm feeling, or anyone else, I can only say.. "ummmm end of pregnancy, need I say more?" If they really want to hear my sob story, I'll indulge them, but otherwise, I would rather sit on my couch in the ONLY position that doesn't make me want to cry, and hibernate until this is over. HAHA! I love babies... but the last few weeks of pregnancy is brutal!

I'll see if I can get my DH to put together a slideshow of my belly pics to date, since I've been taking them regularly since 13 weeks. He also needs to do his last belly cast for me. He's done one at the end of each trimester, and I am sure this one will be amazing... in a scary way. I'll also have pictures of my projects for little man, and his *corner* of the bedroom. lol Exciting/nervous/etc, but I am about to go craft and cleaning crazy on my apartment, after my chemistry final is over tomorrow morning!

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Yay for knowing when you get to meet him. That's just 10 days away! I can't believe how many little ones are going to be born soon!

I was really hoping he'd flip so you could try for your VBAC. But then again I'm sure once he's placed in your arms all you're not going to care. It's amazing how fast these pregnancies have gone! I swear it feels like I was just going in for my first u/s!

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That's great you've got a date! Only a week left! Look forward to your slideshow.

I also have my next appointment next Tuesday which I secretly hope not to make :lol:.

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I'm so jealous! Grats on a date Biggrin 7 more days!

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Well, I'm sorry that you don't get the VBAC, but how exciting for the date and 'light at the end of the tunnel'! I'm glad that you have come to terms with it and are okay with the c/s.

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Yea for a date! At least you know with having a scheduled date you will not be delivering him on the long ride to the hospital.. I can't wait to see pics!!!!!! I can't believe how close we are!

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So close!! Im a tad bit jealous, but i have a month left before my c/s date. Ill be looking for the pics!!

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It is too bad you did not get your VBAC, but exciting to know when you get to hold your little one. I hope this week goes quickly for you ( mine is going so slowly, with my c/s is on Monday).

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Yay for 7 more days!! I totally feel you on all that breech baby stuff. My little guy is straight breech, too and doesn't seem to be inclined to turn around...ever! It is terribly uncomfortable having them shoved up into your lungs and kicking your nether-regions!!

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I'm so sorry he never turned for you. But yay for having a date set so soon to meet your little (big) guy! Also happy that you found a hospital that you will much happy being at during your stay.

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Very exciting that you have a date, and that it's only a week away. Having him safe and sound in your arms will be so wonderful!

I empathize about his being breech. Mine was breech until recently. Even with him flipped, I'm v. uncomfortable and funnily enough, just last night was wishing exactly the same as you ... I wanted to hibernate until he arrives :).

Hope the next 7 days pass smoothly for you!!

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