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Ok so just curious what type of Carrier/sling are you planning on using? I am debating between a Moby or a Mei Tai. I have a Hotsling that I used with DS and I love it so I will still have that available this time around but I think I want something new...

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I have a mei tei carrier that I used once. The straps were so long and always dragged on the floor when I was putting it on so it gathered cat hair which made me crazy.

This time I am going to make my own no sew baby sling using some nice fabric and a couple of rings. Here is a link to the tutorial:

For the craftier mamas you can also find patterns for alot of sew your own slings. It is sooooo much cheaper than buying one already made, and when you want to change it up the $$ doesn't hurt so bad Smile

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I will probably do what i've done before. In the first 6 weeks, I will use a simple 1 piece sling, and after that, I'll use a mei-tai. I have a mei-tai that I have made, and I LOOOOOVE it! I have a hard time understanding why anyone likes the carriers with tons of snaps, buttons, and clasps, since they seem like more of a challenge to put on.

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I love my moby!! It takes a bit of practice to figure out how to tie it properly but it is great. I also have an ergo which I love for when they get a bit bigger.

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I use an Ergo, Moby, and a ring sling. I love all 3 of them at various times. I usually use my Ergo and ring sling the first few weeks. Then my Moby & Ergo until about 6 months. For some reason my Ergo doesn't work good from like 6-9 months but then I love it again after that until they are too big for it. My ring sling is turing into a life saver right now since I don't think my belly can take having having my LO in the Ergo on the front like that anymore. And for nursing my Ergo has by far been the one with best ease of use.

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I want to make my own ring slings that I really want to use this time. I do have a Mai tai that I made, but its pink so I'll have to make another one.

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I love handmade Maya Wraps so I'll be doing that again. I like the flexibility of choosing fabric types, colors, and length.