carrying super low

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carrying super low

Anyone else carrying super low?

So he stays as low as he possibly can at all times, which in return creates alot of pressure to the point it feels like he could fall out at any moment.... Which makes walking SUPER uncomfortable.... Sitting is ever more uncomfortable then walking... I wish he would move up already this is getting really old.

Ok Rant Over Smile

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Mine likes to stay low a lot of times but other times (when he's doing flips) he likes to go in my rib cage. The other night, DH even told me "Wow, he is really low!" ha ha.

Although I don't think mine is as low as your because I don't feel too much pressure.

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I have been waiting for him to move up but it doesn't look like he is going to Sad I have only felt him above my belly button a very few times..

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I think mine goes between average and low, but hasn't gotten super-low, like how you're describing. It sounds thoroughly uncomfortable!

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Yup! I'm there with you. I feel like I'm going to sneeze him out

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Definitely not that low, but only in the last week or so have I really felt much above the belly button. Great change though from my first pregnancy with my daughter where she lived in my rib cage!!


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When i am at work it feels like she is super low, i dont know if its cause im standing or what? Last time her head was low and her butt was on my side!!

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Yes, this one is super low too. My last were super high and that was way more uncomfortable as I couldn't breath.