Cervix/BH Question

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Cervix/BH Question

Hey ladies! I've been having a couple days of BH that last a couple hours and then stop. Last night I had really bad stomach cramps that I figured were gas and ended up having diarrhea. Well, I checked my cervix this morning just to be sure all was well and it was so high up I couldn't feel it where last week it was right there. I can't remember this happening with the other two. What are your thoughts? Should I be concerned??

PS Baby is still moving well and I haven't had any BH today.

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I don't know anything about cervix position really, except that it should be thick and closed at this point. My natural tendency is to think that high would be a good thing since it would have to be low to before delivery. . . :dontknow: I hope someone else has a better answer for you. Smile

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My MW's have all said not to go in there poking around at your cervix and that it will change positions constantly throughout the pregnancy, even weekly, so unless there is some issue or you think you are dilating I would just stop trying to solve the puzzle. I know how you feel though, I am so used to checking my cervix during my cycles it's weird not to do it now lol

During my first two pregnancies my cervix would go up and to the left, so far that it was unreachable at times. Then, it would present itself forward and at a medium easy to reach position. I'm guessing it all depends on how baby is moving and applying pressure. This time I have been really good and I haven't checked my cervix since the 1st trimester where I was just freaking out and hoping it stayed closed closed closed!

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I would say that unless you're having persistent and regular contractions, not to worry. I know, like Michelle was saying, possible cervical injury/infection can cause massive unneeded problems. Your abdominal/pelvic muscles could also just be strained additionally, after all the intestinal cramping, which I imagine could cause a uterine/cervical change?