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Check in time!

Lets see who is still around. I'll admit that I lurk more than post, but I thought maybe we could do a check in.

New LO's name:
LO's age:
Latest stats (weight, length):
Clothing size:
Diaper size:
Latest 'thing':
Any frustrations?:
What is your BC method?:
How are you feeling overall?:
Any news in your life?:
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Name: Anna
New LO's name: Kole
LO's age: 3 months
Latest stats (weight, length):16lbs 8oz, 24 3/4inches at his 2month appointment on 6/5
Clothing size: 9month
Diaper size: 3
Latest 'thing': he wants to sit, but can't manage it. He hasn't even rolled over yet.
Any frustrations?:he tends to start crying immediately when I put him down
What is your BC method?: I got the Paragard IUD put in in June
How are you feeling overall?: Okay really. I feel fat, but I guess that's going to be part of life for a while
Any news in your life?:We are moving to another town. We just got our house on the market yesterday and have been looking in the new town. I've been crazy busy trying to clean the house and keep it clean.
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Name: Roxie
New LO's name: Maggie
LO's age:3 months, 1 week
Latest stats (weight, length):at her 2 month she was 12lbs 5oz and 24" long
Clothing size: 3 months
Diaper size:2
Latest 'thing':starting to reach for toys, etc.
Any frustrations?:pumping, my output is going down. she's great though!
What is your BC method?:not doing it! lol seriously though, condoms for now
How are you feeling overall?:I feel fat too, but have no motivation honestly. sigh. I'm also tired. More so now than the first few weeks post partum.
Any news in your life?:nope, same ol' stuff
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enjoying the weather:

her with her big bro:

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Name: Katie
New LO's name: Desmond
LO's age: 3 1/2 months
Latest stats (weight, length): He was weighed at 10 1/2 lbs and like 21 1/2 inches I believe at his 2 month appt. His 4 month is coming up so I will know more than lol
Clothing size: seriously, he still can fit in NB sized clothing if it's not a sleeper. I've been putting him in 3-6 and it's like he's in a dress and the head hold is hanging off his shoulders lol.
Diaper size: Size 1s still (but that's okay because I still have about 300 size ones and then about 800 size 1-2s lol...I really stocked up!)
Latest 'thing': He's still trying to sit up in his bouncer, he is trying to scoot, he drools A LOT I don't think much has changed from my last update with him Smile
Any frustrations?: When he's being difficult to go to sleep (last night we were up ever 1 1/2 hours to eat too lol, and when he'd go down, he'd be up 20 minutes later). He's a pretty good baby though
What is your BC method?: The mini pill.
How are you feeling overall?: I'm pretty good. DH and I are starting to work out together so I like the motivation.
Any news in your life?: Uh my PPD is still there, but I think it may be getting better...some days are better than others.
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3 months

What his eye color is right now (lol I'm a weirdo but I did this with all my kids)

His new favorite toy he loves to eat lol

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Name: Daria
New LO's name: Lucas
LO's age: 12 weeks
Latest stats (weight, length): At his 2 month he was 12 lbs 5.5 oz, 23.75 inches
Clothing size: 3-6 months
Diaper size: 2
Latest 'thing': Giggling, reaching for toys, having conversations
Any frustrations?: Not really.
What is your BC method?: Mini pill for now, getting Essure done soon.
How are you feeling overall?: Pretty good. Tired and chubby, but happy with life.
Any news in your life?: I just went back to work today, so that was pretty sad. I cried before I even got to daycare.
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New LO's name:Emma Nicole
LO's age:3.5 mths
Latest stats (weight, length):at 2 mths 13 lbs 6 oz, 24"
Clothing size: 3-6 mths but she is so long she is almost in 9 mth sleepers
Diaper size:2
Latest 'thing':conservations, she talks all the time.
Any frustrations?: not really, but I have given up on keeping our house clean.
What is your BC method?: tubal, so no BC.
How are you feeling overall?: good but tired.
Any news in your life?: Not really, just trying to keep up with my running.
Latest pic:Will try to post one later

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I also lurk more than I post - usually because the only time I have to check in is on my phone while nursing... and one finger iPhone typing is a PITA!! Wink

Name: Karen
New LO's name:Ella
LO's age: 3 months, 3 weeks
Latest stats (weight, length): at 3 months: 5.460 kg and 61 cm ( about 12 lbs and 24") so long and lean!
Clothing size:6 months for length, but they tend to be a bit wide on her
Diaper size: Smalls in her cloth, and 3 in sposies - the 3s are kinda big, but it's what we've got on hand, so that's what she wears at night
Latest 'thing': she's getting quite chatty, trying to roll over, likes to play with her toys, suck on them etc.
Any frustrations?: She's still very spitty, makes for a lot of laundry for both of us! lol
What is your BC method?: no sex? lol.. I'm actually on the minipill, but starting to wonder why I'm bothering to take it! Wink
How are you feeling overall?: not bad... just tired all the time, even though I'm getting more sleep now that I did while I was PG with her
Any news in your life?: nothing to speak of...
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Happy Canada Day!

With Big Brother

And 'cause it's cute:

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Yep, I'm a phone lurker too!

Name: Jenny
New LO's name: Cammi
LO's age: 3 months, 2 weeks
Latest stats (weight, length): about 11 lbs, 26 inches (very long and lean!)
Clothing size: a few 0-3 (depends on the brand), 3 months
Diaper size: 1 (she's got a tiny bottom)
Latest 'thing': (Proud mama here!) She's laughing, finding her hands, rolling on her side from her back
Any frustrations?: See Rice Cereal post!
What is your BC method?: Mirena..was a pain at first, but now I'm enjoying it
How are you feeling overall?: Pretty good. I've been on Zofran for about a month and a half, and am able to begin weaning myself off of it.
Any news in your life?: I suppose not..
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Name: Amanda
New LO's name: Elijah
LO's age: 15 weeks
Latest stats (weight, length): He was 15 pounds at an appointment a few weeks ago. I can't remember his length.
Clothing size: 6 months (Not only is he a little porker, but he is muscular, and long)
Diaper size: medium cloth diapers, or size 3 disposable
Latest 'thing': Pulling every piece of fabric to his mouth that he can; trying to sit up in his carseat, stroller, bouncy seat, swing; grinning at me while nursing.
Any frustrations?: He's had a pretty bad yeast infection (just like his sisters had), but the creams the doctor reminded me of are helping. The disposable diapers we were using temporarily actually made it worse when he was sweating in the heat. The outer hip and back area that is mostly plastic was HORRIBLE!
What is your BC method?: The marvelous tubal ligation!
How are you feeling overall?: I'm alright. Overwhelmed that DH just had shoulder surgery. My stepson, who has Aspergers, is having a really hard time listening/following instructions. My daughters just got home from their dad's house, so we have a really full house. PHEW! Is it nap time yet?
Any news in your life?: DH's surgery, I'm working on the last 15 credits for my bachelor's degree, DH is going back to school in September, that's about it for now.
Latest pic: This is Elijah with his older brother Gabriel.

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Name: LJ
New LO's name: Adam
LO's age: 2m2w
Latest stats (weight, length): at his 2mth appt on Jul5 13lb 2oz Length 24 in
Clothing size: 3-6
Diaper size: 1
Latest 'thing': roll front-back
Any frustrations?: bad gas some days
What is your BC method?: condom
How are you feeling overall?: good
Any news in your life?: hmm nothing exciting that I can think of
Latest pic:
taken on his 2mth "bday"

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I try to stop in every now and then but so busy over here.

Name: Joy
New LO's name: Archer
LO's age: 3 months 1 week
Latest stats (weight, length): He was 11lbs 14oz about 4 weeks ago. I bet 13lbs or more by now.
Clothing size: 0-3 month but they are getting too short
Diaper size: Cloth Diaper small
Latest 'thing': Hands! Sucking his thumb and starting to reach for things.
Any frustrations?: He demands that I stay next to him while sleeping at night. I'd like to sneak out of bed for 1-2 hours to enjoy DH or get stuff done.
What is your BC method?: NFP. Kinda doesn't work with no AF so pull & pray for now. I realize this could lead to something bigger if not careful Smile
How are you feeling overall?: Still pretty good. Overwhelmed sometimes
Any news in your life?: Only 3 more weeks of night classes and pumping then I'm done for a long time!
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Name: Jennifer
New LO's name: Tyler
LO's age: 4 months on the 26th!!
Latest stats (weight, length): Don't know, but he's somewhere around 17 pounds
Clothing size: 3 months are getting snug
Diaper size: Pampers 2, but getting ready to move to 3s
Latest 'thing': He scoots backward on his back...does it on the changing table and bumps his head!
Any frustrations?: SLEEPING IS HORRIBLE!! He's a swaddled baby (who is outgrowing his swaddles) and I put him to bed around 9pm and he's up between midnight and 1am. I then bring him to bed and nurse him until the moring. I'm ready for a bit longer of a stretch of sleep!
What is your BC method?: Got an IUD placed on May 30th
How are you feeling overall?: Feeling good, but tired from going all the time
Any news in your life?: Nothing really, we're finally settled into our new house and I'm finally picking up my photography business where it was left off a while ago
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Name: Laura
New LO's name: Bree
LO's age: A week past 3 months.
Latest stats (weight, length): Somewhere around 16-17 lbs. We'll find out in a couple of weeks.
Clothing size: Starting into the 6 month clothes.
Diaper size: Size 2 when she wears a 'sposie at night. Cloth during the day.
Latest 'thing': Giggling like crazy when we rode a see-saw at the children's museum. Babbling whenever someone looks at her. Still showing no signs of rolling over (she needs to get the concept of using her arms to push up instead of just her back muscles).
Any frustrations?: DD1 is having a rough time. Acting very two and craving more attention.
What is your BC method?: Mini pill
How are you feeling overall?: A little sad about going back to work in a month, but it'll be nice to get time to myself again. Planning on commuting by bicycle to get back in shape.
Any news in your life?: We picked up a used hospital-grade breast pump on eBay for me to take to work, for a third of the cost of a new one. I'm stoked about having quick pumping sessions. Then we can resell it when we're done.
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Name: Heather
New LO's name: Heidi
LO's age: 4 months on the 29th
Latest stats (weight, length): no idea... over 13lbs, but I don't know how much over
Clothing size: 6 months and some 3 months in dresses
Diaper size: size 2... still planning on switching to cloth, but had one day in cloth and went through 5 outfits and so I haven't got the motivation back up to just go for it
Latest 'thing': Heidi is grabbing onto things and putting everything in her mouth!
Any frustrations?: Wish the cradle cap would disappear...
What is your BC method?:
How are you feeling overall?: Feeling good... tired but not complaining... so glad to have a baby who sleeps through the night!
Any news in your life?: My one little guy who has been with us for nearly 2 years is transitioning to a forever family, and my husband is interviewing for a new job ... fingers crossed!!
Latest pic: Don't know how...

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Name: Kelly
New LO's name: Peyton Lee
LO's age: 3 month +
Latest stats (weight, length): 15 lbs 26 inches
Clothing size: 9-12 months
Diaper size: 2 but wears mostly cloth
Latest 'thing': Rolling, picking up, sitting, drooling, laughing....
Any frustrations?: Peyton is a great baby, I just wish he would let me put him down.
What is your BC method?: Not having sex... yea really it sucks. I have to have a cone biopsy done and they refuse to put me on BC until it is over with.
How are you feeling overall?: Great
Any news in your life?: None at this time
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Name: Neela
New LO's name: DJ
LO's age: 4 months, 4 days
Latest stats (weight, length): 17 lbs, 25 inches
Clothing size: 9/12 months
Diaper size: 3
Latest 'thing': Grabbing my shirt for his milk makers lol
Any frustrations?: Only likes me or my DF
What is your BC method?: mini pill
How are you feeling overall?: Tired, but good.
Any news in your life?: I just started a job at a nursing home last month & got promoted to a full time position with every Saturday & Sunday off.
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