Cloth Diaper Sale!!!

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Cloth Diaper Sale!!!

I am going to take the leap and try cloth diapering (apparently out here it's a big thing lol). I just happened to get on a pregnancy FB page tonight and see a sale (a great sale) for a bunch so I bought some Smile DH isn't quite convinced but we'll see how I like it (plus it'll save so much money in the long run!)

Here's the link if anyone wants to get some while this sale is going on!!!

Luxury Package - 20 OS Snazzy Minky

I got gender neutral so then I can use them for both my kids (and a zebra print one :P) esp since we're attempting potty training DD2 and diapers are EXPENSIVE!!! (Plus I can sell my stash of disposables if I like cloth and stick with it, and earn my money back from getting the cloth ones Smile or sell the cloth ones if I don't like it Smile )

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We use Kawaii's with Peyton and love them.

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Katie, if you are interested in cloth you should check out the CDing board. There's ladies over there that are very passionate about cloth and are a great resource for any questions you might have.

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I didn't even think of that, Anna! Thanks, I will check it out Smile

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That's an awesome price, and I

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Cloth is fun! And a little bit addictive! lol I hope you're happy with them! And like Anna said, if you have any questions, the people who hang out on the CD board will be able to answer them!