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I know that EWCM is the most fertile CM, but what do the others mean again? Or do they mean anything??

Is "creamy" and "watery" tend to come before the EWCM? or does it just vary??

I ask because my OPKS arent quite pos yet and I finally started getting some CM today, but so far its the cloudy, creamy, white (tmi?) kind.. So im hoping that means that O and EWCM are on their way in a few days!?

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It should go from sticky to creamy to watery to eggwhite. However, not everyone will see all of these every cycle and not everyone ever reaches eggwhite. Both watery and ew are considered fertile

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I have the creamy white stuff for a few days then it slowly goes watery and the watery stuff slowly turns into egg white. Though there are usually a day or two where there is NO DOUBT ABOUT IT eggwhite CM and then it goes completely away after I O for a couple days then come back as watery and goes back through the cycle backwards until AF shows. With this pregnancy and my last it never went back through the cycle after O and impregnation Wink and stayed eggwhite like and then went watery and stays that way through pregnancy. It only goes creamy now when I have a stupid yeasty. Sad