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Do you?

We are co sleeping now, but just started with Peyton. I have always co-slept with my babies. I think it is easier and you get more sleep when you bf.

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I'm not really a co-sleeper. I don't have anything against it, but it makes me nervous. I did use to nurse DD to sleep in bed and then move her to the crib. With Kole, he's really really gassy and as soon as I put him down flat, he's squirming and grunting and wimpering. The last few nights the only way I've been able to get any sleep is to sleep with him in my arms, in my bed, so we have been doing some co-sleeping. I can't nurse him in bed though because every time I've tried, milk starts running out of his nose! It's weird and only happens when I try to nurse him laying down.

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Yes, we do. Have done it with all my boys and then start transitioning them around 6 months. So much easier with nursing. Funny cause before kids we said "no way, never" and it took only like a week with DS1 home for us to change our minds. DS3 is still learning how to latch and stay on nursing side-lying.

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We don't usually co-sleep... Since I get up to change her diaper before I nurse, I am awake and up so might as well sit up and read a book while nursing. Heidi gets up around 5:30 and usually James gets up with her, but since he is away this week with army and I'm trying to keep up with all four kids during the day and do the house chores at night, I can see that there might be some early morning co-sleeping since I don't like getting up at 5:30!!! I think also I have never co-slept since I find nursing on my side uncomfortable since dislocating my shoulder... but I'm all for finding ways to get more sleep


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I've coslept very few times with my kids.

With DD1 and DD2 they didn't get their own rooms until after a year old. Since they could see me they would cry and I would be so tired that I would bring them into bed with me where I'd rock them. With Des the only time we've coslept was when he would lay on our chests on the couch. He is pretty gassy and he would have to sleep at an angle on his stomach so he would sleep on me or DH. He hasn't done it for a while and we're trying to get him sleeping in his own room all night now. We've had only one successful time of that in the week since we moved him to his crib ha ha. Other than that he's been sleeping in his swing because of the constant motion he likes.

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We are big time co-sleepers. DS1 just moved into his own bed last week (his choice) and he's 4. I can't wait for my c-section to heal so I can nurse Lucas side lying instead of having to sit up and hunch over.

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DD2 slept with me on the couch until my incision was healed enough to climb in and out of bed. Then she slept on my chest in bed until I figured out she'll sleep on her own swaddled. (DD1 hated to be swaddled, so I didn't think to try it with DD2 for a few days.) Now DD2 is in one of those co-sleeper bassinets that is right up against our bed. Poor DH is sleeping on the couch now because he snores and I want it to be as easy as possible for me to sleep.

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We have with all 3 of our kids. DS still loves to sleep with us if we would let him (but there is not enough room in the bed). DD1 coslept until about 5-6 mths and after that she slept better in her own bed. She is just starting to want to sleep in our bed but very rarely. DD2 definately loves to sleep with us and I do not think I would be getting much sleep if we did not cosleep. With all of them after about 1-2 mths I would get them to start in their own bed and then move them to our bed only when they need to nurse. That way they learned to fall asleep in their own beds and it really helped the tranisition to sleeping on their own.

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I've co-slept with my kids up until 6 weeks. With the first two, I had a king-sized bed and figured out positioning with the boppy pillow & a blanket, which kept them leaned up on the pillow. This time around, I have a queen-sized bed, and DH+me+boppy pillow doesn't work so well. I don't do well without sleep and I can't really nap during the day since I'm a full time student.. and I've been falling asleep during night-time feedings while sitting up in bed. I decided to just go along with it. I nurse Eli on one side sitting up, and the other side I lay down next to him. We sleep much more these days!