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Comments From Strangers

I was in a children's consignment store today, rifling through the racks of clothes, when another mother in my aisle said, "How many weeks are you?" This must seem so weird, but I literally had to pause a second before I could answer because I had no idea what she was talking about. HA! And then when my brain turned on my response was, "Um... uhh... haha, sorry.... you caught me off guard... um, I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow!" Haha!! I think my majorly slow reaction was due to 2 things: 1- I was shopping for my daughter, so my mind was in 2T/3T land, not baby land. And 2- That marks the first time a stranger has made a comment about this pregnancy, so I'm not exactly used to it yet. It made me excited that I apparently look pregnant enough now that a total stranger would notice, but also made me think, "Do I really look that pregnant that someone would be so bold to ask??" Ha! (I know I do... I mean duh, look at the picture I posted yesterday, but still... it's catching me by surprise for some reason!)

Anyone else receiving the comments from strangers yet?

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I haven't gotten any comments yet but I get looks from other moms at my daughter's bus stop like they're not sure if they should say anything. Although I did wear my skeleton shirt with the baby to confirm it so who knows.

The only thing I don't look forward to is if people try to touch my stomach ha ha. I'm not a fan of people touching my growing tummy, except DH and the kids.

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I haven't gotten comments yet but I totally remember the first few comments from strangers with my last 2. Totally catches you off guard and then you hit the reality that others can finally tell you are preg.

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I get a lot of looks, but no comments yet. It's only a matter of time, though! I think it's because when I'm out, I'm usually wearing a jacket and scarf, which makes my belly easier to hide.

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I have only had a few people comment. I am just glad people realize I am pregnant and just haven't gained more weight Smile

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No comments here yet, I do not really remember getting too many with my other 2 pregnancies either. So we will see if I get any this time.

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I've only gotten a comment at the gym. The tight gym clothes can't hide my belly. And it was my first belly rub all at the same time....

But other than that, in my normal clothes, I just look like I've put on some weight.