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Comparison pics

Baby 1 @ 17 weeks, Baby 2 @ 16 weeks, and Baby 3 @ 16 weeks:

ETA: I don't know why the sizes are showing up funky... so my apologies!

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Looks like you were the smallest with #2 (and lowest?). #1 and #3 look about the same size, with 1 being slightly bigger. You have a cute bump.

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Anna, makes me wonder if my "girl" feeling is right. #1 is a girl, and #2 a boy Biggrin

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I agree with Anna! And you look so cute!

I need to have DH take a pic of my 19 week old bump so I can post it.

Also, if I can find all the pics I'll post my comparison of all my kids.

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Looking good! I agree with Anna that 1 & 3 are so similar. Maybe its another girl!

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I agree with the other ladies Smile cute!

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You look great!