Cradle cap and face rash

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Cradle cap and face rash

Lucas has developed cradle cap, which I am not thrilled about. DS1 had it to so I guess I should have seen it coming.

He's also started getting these random breakouts of red spots on his face. Anyone else deal with this with cradle cap? I've looked online and it appears to be related. Poor kid looks like he's been screaming for hours or something. It's mostly around his eyes and on his forehead, but he gets them on the rest of his face too.

He's 4 months today and has his checkup on Monday. I'll be sure to post his stats!

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Not so much the red spots, unless he's been outside in the heat or crying, but I've been noticing lately that Kole keeps getting little patches of cradle cap. I try to make sure I scrub it good with the brush during his bath. I've heard rubbing olive oil on it helps clear it up if it's bad. What do you normally do to clear it up?

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Archer has really bad cradle cap. We've been using Mustela cradle cap treatment, olive oil, and baby oil with no luck. At his 4 month appt the doctor mentioned using Head & Shoulders along with olive oil. After 2 days it's starting to look a little better so I've got fingers crossed! It was so bad though & getting irritated from all my scrubbing & picking.

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Desmond has had cradle cap since before he was 2 months old Sad I can't seem to get rid of it. One dr told me to use baby oil and a soft brush and another told me it'll go away on it's own lol. Half the time I swear it looks like he walked in a snow storm, it's so sad!

It cleared up some after I kept doing baby oil for a few nights but then it came back real bad again. I remember I "ignored" it with DD1 and she still had a few patches when she was a toddler and took forever to finally scrub it off lol. With DD2 I remember doing oil and scrubbing when she was about 6-8 months old and it finally getting better. Looks like I need to scrub poor Desmond's head soon.

I haven't heard of the red spots with cradle cap though, how weird! Hopefully Lucas's face clears up soon Smile

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We have cradle cap here too! Heidi's is all over the top of her head, but not on the back or sides. I have tried oil, but since her hair is a couple inches long and thick, it is hard to get enough oil in to really make a difference and then actually get it all out again so that she doesn't look like a little greasy baby. Also, when I pick at it, it pulls her hair out and hurts her.

My doctor just said to ignore it and it will go away on it's own between 6-8 months roughly... so I'm just leaving it alone and finger's crossed it does!!

Nothing on her face though, hope it clears up for Lucas,


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I should add that he has it between his eyebrows too. Red & patchy, less scaley like his head.