Crap!! I am so stupid!

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Crap!! I am so stupid!

HOLY SH!T!!! I totally forgot about my appointment today!!! I've already missed it by an hour! I'm trying to get through to the office now. In my mind I was convinced it was next Monday! CRAP CRAP CRAP!

I got through and they were able to squeeze me in @ 9:30am Thursday! I feel like the world's biggest idiot!

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Just blame it on PB (pregnancy brain)!!!

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Bummer about forgetting the appt. I'm glad they will get you in later this week.

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Aww!! I'm sorry you forgot Sad But, glad they could get you in this week!

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I keep thinking, "how do you forget that?!" Ugh. I was convinced the 26th was next Monday! This doc is really hard to get into, he's not even accepting new patients! So I guess OB patients get priority. I never dreamed that I'd still be able to get in this week!

Cheesecake is making it better.

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Glad you got in this week! I've been putting all appts into my phone set with an alarm so I don't forget because even when I write them down I forget!

And cheesecake sounds awesome ha ha.

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opps Smile Well glad you got in on Thurs

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Sorry you missed your appt, but I'm glad you are able to get in this week! We have appts on the same day, so I'll be waiting to hear your update!

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I guess I just feel dumb for forgetting because I'm really excited about the pregnancy, and I've never forgotten an appointment before in my life! But I'm glad they were still able to get me in the same week at least. Maybe Monday's just arent good days for me to have appointments, but I will be setting my phone to remind me from now on!

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yay for cheesecake therapy! I am sure it happens to them more often than they would like to admit.. Preggo brain for the win! lol