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Ive never really had cravings before,well i suppose i did. Last time all i wanted was cereal and its the same now. Tho recently sour things have been my thing!! Cant get enough haha ive actually burnt my tongue from too much sour candy lol anyone else have this??

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Not this time but when I was preggo with Zayne I made my best friend go to Sam's and get the biggest bag of War Heads she could find, I went through 2 bags during that pregnancy. My tongue was RAW for about 7 months straight!

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I've been craving spicy foods big time, which is the same as my last pregnancy. I remember going to restaurants and specifically scanning the menu for anything that had the little flame icon next to it to indicate it was a spicy dish! Haha! Frank's hot sauce is my friend these days. Smile

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Nothing this time either. Maybe water cause I can't drink enough but I don't know if thats a craving really. Last time I was all about the lemons and would totally get a raw tongue sometimes too.

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All of a sudden I've been wanting White Cherry Icee's!! Ive had two in the past two days so far. Yummm!!

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I've been craving mostly sweets except for this steak & mashed potato craving that will not go away. I find it funny that I'm craving meat because other than that I've been having a strong aversion to it.