Cravings....let's talk about em!

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Cravings....let's talk about em!

Now that most of us are in the 2nd tri or almost there....morning sickness is subsiding. Now all I want to do is EAT!!!

As for my craving......LIME! I must put lime juice on/in everything! On chicken, veggies, steak, any and all mexican food I eat,salad, in water.........everything.

What about you ladies?

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My latest one has been chips and ranch dip. I bought some the other night and have been eating it every morning ha ha.

A while ago it was croutons in ranch dressing lol.

I still get nauseous off and on but it's barely anything compared to what I had 1st trimester.

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Spicy. Everything needs to have jalapenos or hotsauce! And I've been STARVING since about 7 weeks and it isn't going away. However, the heartburn is starting now, so I guess I'm going to have to try to cool it on the eating.

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Ah yes, I should add spicy to my list of cravings as well. Along wiht the lime I think I'm just craving extreme flavors. Everything tastes bland to me without spicy or lime.

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spicy here too Biggrin

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Yes spicy things are awesome. I like dipping things in buffalo sauce and volcano tacos from Taco Bell ha ha.

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I've been wanting tangy fruit juice - white grapefruit, cranberry (100%, not cocktail), acai, limeade.. and fried chicken, mostly for the crunchy fried stuff Smile Banquet has a skinless "fried" chicken box in the frozen section, which I can't get enough of. LOL

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I've been wanting lime and ranch too Smile

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You girls are giving me heartburn just reading your spicy cravings.

I don't usually get a craving that lasts throughout. I get a craving for something very specific and then once I have it, I'm good to go. Last week I had a serious fettucine alfredo craving. Once I got some Olive Garden I'm good to go now.

Currently I'm having a fried chicken craving. I might have to resort to the banquet box as well.

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I'm like Daria... but the only consistent thing is salt. Anything salty!! Corn nuts, hot dogs, pickled spicy okra, and anything else like soup I add more salt to it lol.

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Daria, I'm like you too; I get an idea in my head that I want something and I want it now! The only main things I've been eating everyday are popcorn and apple sauce. And I've been drinking apple cider! Yum!! I'm so glad that it's starting to get a little cool here so I can have a warm drink!

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I had some intense cravings for several weeks during the first trimester, but they've mostly subsided now. The constant one was for anything spicy (had that w/my first pregnancy too), but also for greasy foods, like pizza, meatball subs, cheeseburgers, etc. I would mostly fixate on one particular thing, eat it, and then be over it. Fortunately, I haven't felt the intense need for any particular food in a while.

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Im still craving Cereal and spicy foods!!! I love me some Good Hot and Sour soup as well!!!

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Hi Gals!

My only consistent craving thus far is fresh juicy fruit- watermelon, canteloupe, grapes, mango- just so refreshing. I'm also loving lemon squeezed in a glass of ice cold water. I had a spicy craving yesterday and satisfied it with a delicious spicy tofu curry (a Malaysian dish, one of the benefits of living in Asia). But unfortunately I had severe indigestion all night because of it. So that's a no-no for now.

I still have major aversions to all meat and fish Sad


Ps- sorry I have been a slacker board buddy!

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Midnight plums. All. The. Time.

Oh and pizza, though I think that craving is about done. Thinking about it right now makes me a bit queasy.

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I still haven't been craving anything with this pregnancy.

I was like Erin with my last 2 and couldn't get enough lemon. I just ate it like an apple, raw, and put it on everything.

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I have been craving hot buffalo wings from a certain place from my home town....still haven't gotten them yet!

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Not too many cravings here, but every once in a while I really crave something and then after I get it I am done. Sometimes I just need carbs, in any form.

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At this very moment, I am so hungry that I could eat T-Rex

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I (amazingly) haven't really had any cravings yet. HOWEVER, last night we had chili cheese dogs and before I could eat my dog I HAD to have a pickle...not just any pickle, one of those HUGE dill pickles. ROFL

I also had to go out and buy dry roasted peanuts but don't like the ones I got because they aren't salty enough. Hmmm...I'm thinking it's a salty thing for me.

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Right now, starting Tuesday night...I can't get enough Doritos!!!

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Cherry slushies.

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Now I want a Cherry Limeade from Sonic!!!!

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"ShylahEQ" wrote:

Cherry slushies.

ME TOO!!! I thought I was the only one in the world with that craving!!! It was so weird with DD, I wanted Cherry Icees ALL THE TIME. Well, it's no different this time. I get it in my head and I can't stop thinking about it until I get one. Such an odd craving!

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I have aversions, rather than cravings. But, last week I definitely craved Mexican food. This week, lemonade.

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Spicy beef and bean burritos!

Funny that you ladies mention cherries because I've been into those gummy cherry slices.