Crazy Heartburn

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Crazy Heartburn

Anyone else experiencing this??? It started yesterday morning and hasn't really subsided. I had a mozerella, tomato and leafy green salad with balsamic for lunch yesterday and I literally had to gulp water with every bite to keep from throwing up acid. The burnt chicken parm sandwhich didn't really help either last night. Ugh!

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I have had heartburn as well. Not too crazy though. I am sure that by March I will be living on tums, that is the only thing that helps me.

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I've had bad heartburn the past few weeks, but then again a lot of it is my fault because I like spicy foods.

I just try to ignore it, but last night was bad. I could feel burning acid coming up over and over and drank some ginger ale to try and help. I need to get some Tums again.

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Yep and Hate every second of it.

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I'm probably going to regret saying this, but I havent had heartburn in a couple of weeks, and I'm usually always dealing with extremely uncomfortable acid reflux.

Sorry girls, I hope it gets better for you!

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Tomatos always did me in during my last pregnancy. I had some bad heartburn. Try eating some pickle to help with the heartburn. I know its sounds horrible and makes you want to gag but I swear it works wonders for most!

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My first pregnancy, heartburn was my first and only symptom for most of the 9 months. I bought Tums by the truckload. It was the only thing that helped. I got heartburn from oatmeal. Who does that?!

I was ecstatic the day I gave birth. I haven't had heartburn since.

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That's something I don't have (yet...fingers crossed) but I do get it every time at the end of the pregnancy. Sorry, I know it's not fun, hope it gets better soon.