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Well we just got home from spending 36hrs in the hospital Sad
Adam starting barking cough Sun morning....Mon morning he was breathing fast and shallow so we took him to ER. He had high fever and was pretty lethargic so they ran a bunch of tests it was horrible.
Then last night I mentioned the 7-10 days between poop and she freaked and got a suppository well he pooped it right now and had blood sigh. Ped had to check today (he said that's normal for bf babies) and they did an xray. Home finally but he's so crappy (sore throat etc) so he's got the saddest cry

I guess good news is that it saves me a trip to the Ped my Dr had booked us with which was in 3 cities over haha

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Sad Sad I'm glad he did poop finally and that you don't have to drive that far, but man 36 hours at the ER must have sucked. I hope he gets better soon.

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Oh no! Poor baby! I hate when they are sick, so sad. I cannot even believe that someone tried to give him a suppository because of that poop pattern. When DD didn't poop for a few days I called my ped and was informed it was perfectly normal and as long as it wasn't more than 12 days not to even start to worry!

I hope he gets better quickly and returns to being a happy, playful baby!

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Oh poor baby!
So silly that they gave him a suppo. DS would often go a week or more without a poop. Totally normal for BF babes, as long as when they DO go, it isn't hard or painful!

Hope he's on the mend soon!

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poor kid is still so whiny/crying guessing b/c he likely has a sore throat. The nurses in the ped ward were great but I am to be home even though dh hurt his back and can't help with Adam much
hope he's back to his reg self soon