A Cute Story

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A Cute Story

Tonight was bath night for the kids. I usually bathe the girls then after they go to bed I bathe Desmond in the sink. Well tonight is the last night my mom is in town so to give them more time to play I went ahead and bathed Desmond after dinner. As soon as DD2 heard him cry, she climbed down from the table and came running over screaming "Oh no! Baby crying!" Then when she realized where he was (in the sink where we put our dirty dishes lol! Don't worry it was clean) she started screaming and crying "Put him down!" ha ha.

Then I had to calm her with my words by telling her it was okay that he was just getting a bath. So the next thing she does is grab the hand towel to dry dishes and holds it out like she's ready to dry him off! It was so sweet! Then I real quick took him out and put him in his towel I had waiting for him and wrapped him up to dry him. She stood in the kitchen looking at me, still holding the towel out, like she didn't understand and I thought she was going to cry. I called her over to see that I was drying him off and getting him all warm after getting clean. After he was all dry and I dressed him and he stopped crying, she inspected Desmond's head and handed me the towel to dry his hair all the way ha ha.

Finally, after he was all dry, she held out her arms and said "Here." She wanted me to hold him afterwards to make sure he was okay. I let her hold him and everything was all better. It was the sweetest thing!

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awl how cute.

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I love seeing older siblings love on "their baby!" Smile