Dear Migraine!

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Dear Migraine!

I have not missed you, please get the hint that you are not welcome. You make me extremely cranky and tired to the point that i can not function. The spots you are causing are just as annoying. They say that if i give you a little chocolate that you will go away, i somehow dont think you will budge tho!! Just please face the facts and get the F**K out Smile


LOL, no but really i had horrible migraines with my son. There wasnt much i could do but try and sleep them off. Well before i had no child to care for so that was a possibility. Now i can not phantom sleeping while my two year old runs around like a mad chicken sorry aint happening!!

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Headaches like that are the worst. Hope it goes away soon.

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Ugh I hate those! I remember with my 2nd child I had the worst migraine that I couldn't even move without my head feeling like it had needles in it. I called in sick to work that day (one of the only times ever) and they kept calling me asking if I was sure I couldn't come in so they could go home. Ha sucked but I didn't go in.

I couldn't even sleep. Gah.

I hope yours goes away soon because it stinks to be so miserable while pregnant. Try and get lots of rest and try Tylenol. Hope you feel better soon.

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aww Sad sorry to hear.

Do you get lots of water? And eat often? When not pg I sometimes forget to eat on weekends....then I'll get to a point where I realize this but it's too late and like you nothing but sleep can fix it. (now I don't get to that point b/c I feel sick if I don't eat).