A def TMI post....

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A def TMI post....

I went to the bathroom this morning to have a BM and I went to wipe and the TP was covered in blood. I know it wasn't from my vagina, because I always look after I wipe the front, get new TP then wipe the back. I guess you could call me paranoid, but having experienced complications in the past, I ALWAYS LOOK! I looked in the toilet in sure enough there was a little bit of blood there too, no clots visible, but it was there. I called the 24-hr nurse line immediately after I made POOR DH look (yes, I made him look!) and they said they would page the Doc or the PA as soon as possible. That was about 45 mins ago, still haven't heard from them.

Anyone else experience this? It doesn't hurt and I'm experiencing no discomfort.

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ds had a few months back and on the tp it looked like a clot. Telehealth said it was ok to wait until morning but to save it and future bathroom visits.

Unfortunately the dr we saw was not so good and it seems forgot to send sample in however after 3 bathroom visits we had no more issues and since we didn't have any lab work I ended up cancelling his appt with the specialist. Hopefull it's something like that. Honestly no idea what caused it, possible I suppose that he ate something a bit to sharp (he was eating lots of seeds/nuts at the time) and it could have made a small cut and caused the clot.


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Don't worry, I wipe the front, look to be sure, and then wipe the back too. I'm paranoid as well ha.

Now, I had that happen once, but it didn't come out of me. I had a bleeding hemorrhoid. That sucked. A few years ago DH had gotten real sick and he was having bloody bowels. That was due to him being dehydrated I believe because he was sick and couldn't stop going off and on. He was put on antibiotics and was okay after a while.

I would probably call the nurse back and let them know you're worried and haven't heard back from them. There could be a few different reasons why that happened, and I'm hoping it was just a one time thing and that everything will be okay! KUP on how things go!

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I have IBS and this has happened to me multiple times in my life. It is almost always an internal hem bursting. It's usually painless but can result in a whole lot of blood loss. I'd still wait for your doc, but I'm betting that's what this is.

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My first thought was internal hemmi too. I know they can be painless when they burst. In any case, I think it's got to be good news that it's not vaginal. KUP.

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I agree with previous 2 posters.. sounds like a hemorrhoid to me. Sad I have them horribly!

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I'm the same way when I wipe - my biggest reason is because I had a rectal polyp that started tearing away all at once. I ended up needing surgery within 48 hours. While yours doesn't sound to be the same as mine, the sudden blood was shocking... Thank God I wasn't pregnant at the time. Since then (ESPECIALLY while pregnant) I am VERY cautious to always check for blood. Regardless, until you get an answer for sure, it can be very unnerving.

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So, they never called me back. But, it never happened again. If it does I will just go straight to urgent care. I'm thinking it's a hemoroid (sp?) too. Thanks for the responses! I also have an OB appt Thursday so I may bring it up then.

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I would definitely bring it up with your OB. That way, if it is a hemorrhoid they can tell you what you can use to help with them. I always use medicated wipes after a BM because I get them so bad (ugh!)

Glad it didn't happen again!

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Sorry I'm late to the party but was it a big hard poop??? I only ask because I've had anal fissures(sp) before (little cuts in your butt hole) after having big hard poops. It looks like you're bleeding a lot but in all reality they are just little cuts. I just thought i would throw that out there for you....sorry TMI on my part Smile