Didn't make it until April...

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Didn't make it until April...

Donnie D. Morris Jr (DJ) was born March 29th
(37 weeks 5 days) at 5:46 am. His stats were
5lbs 14oz and 18 inches long.
So, I posted about 2 days before I had him that
I had been having this lower backache and
cramping associated with it. I knew something
had to be going on because the backache and
cramping weren't going away at all even trying
tylenol, warm baths/showers, and massages. On
Wednesday afternoon I went to my NST and
they told me that I was having contractions
every 8 minutes. This was around 2:00. One of
the nurses read my chart wrong and was going
to have me admitted because she thought I was
34 weeks but it said that I was admitted a few
weeks ago (34 weeks) for pre-term labor. They
asked if I could feel them and I told them that I
After that I left and went to my doctor's
appointment and it was 2:45 at that time. I
mentioned to the nurse that came in before my
doctor did that at my NST I was having
contractions every 2 minutes and she said she
would let the doctor know and that she was
going to have the doctor examine me. He came
in and told me that I was at 2 cm and that my
cervix was really soft. He pretty much said you
can go anytime time because your cervix is
saying things are really favorable for labor. He
did say he didn't believe I would be making it to
my appointment next week though and told me
to pack my hospital bag.
When I got home, I decided it would be funny to
prank call DF and tell him that my water broke.
At first he was like are you serious?? Then I bust
out laughing because he sounded so worried
and he told me that he knew I was playing
because I wouldn't have sounded so calm. DF
and his grandmother came to pick me up so
that we could all play cards together for a little
while so I didn't get a chance to pack my
hospital bag since they showed up so fast. I
really wasn't thinking that I was going to go into
labor that day so I thought it would be fine. I
noticed that I was still having contractions pretty
often and that they definitely felt different than
the braxton hicks ones that I was having.
I started kind of thinking that at this point I was
in early labor so I told DF and he asked if I
wanted to go to the hospital. I told him no
because they weren't super painful and weren't
at least 5 minutes apart yet. Later on that night I
started noticing that they started getting closer
and closer together and this was around 2 am. I
started timing my contractions and they were 4
1/2 minutes apart and getting kind of painful so
I decided to get in the shower. I was so set on
getting an epidural so I told him I didn't want to
stay at home too long but would leave when
they get to be about 3 minutes apart.
He kept saying you know your labor goes pretty
fast once it gets to the active stage, so you might
want to go now. I'm like no they won't let me
stay because I can still talk through these. At
one point and time I felt this huge pop which
I'm pretty sure was my cervix changing and
they were really painful at this point to the point
where I had to breathe through them and
brought tears to my eyes. At this point he said
we're leaving because he felt bad with me being
in so much pain. I did not want to get out of the
shower. It was around 3:35 by the time we all
got ready to leave and go to the hospital.
When we got there he made me get in the
wheelchair and we headed up to L&D. I was in
so much pain at this time all I could say is can I
please have some medicine. I was laughing in
between contractions because I said luck will
have it that I can't get an epi again. DF just kept
telling me to breathe and that it would be okay.
He held my hand for every contraction and was
rubbing my back and stomach as I asked him.
When the nurse checked me, I was a 6 and she
said you're definitely being admitted and got an
IV started. I was so excited that I wasn't too far
dilated because I felt I had a chance to get the
meds. Forgot to mention that we had arrived at
L&D at 4:00 am. The nurse gave me a shot of
nubain (sp?) but that did not do anything at all
for my pain, just made me feel drugged.
After that they had me sign the epidural consent
form and I was like THANK GOD! I'm getting
medicine. DF thought this was hilarious, and I
told him to shut up and that we were NOT
having anymore kids crying and laughing at the
same time. I started grabbing his shirt at this
point because I was feeling sooo much pressure
in my butt area. I told him that it felt like my
butt was going to pop off. All this time, they
were still waiting on my IV bag to get to a
certain point and they came to check me and
said that I wasn't going to be able to get the epi
because baby was right there. I literally lost it
and started hyperventilating and saying that I
could not do this. I was saying are you serious??
I can't do this again and breathing really really
rapidly. DF keep telling me to breathe and calm
down and so did the nurses. They all kept saying
you can do it, you're doing great and I told them
NO I'm not doing great lol.
I started feeling like I had to push and told them
but I honestly didn't put any effort into the first
push. My body was shaking so much from the
pain and I just kept saying I couldn't do it. DF
had my hand the entire time which I did
appreciate and encouraged me to push and so
did the nurses. I wasn't thinking rationally at the
time but when the nurses said the pain will be
over as soon as baby is out I gave two good
pushes and out he came. I felt instant relief and
was sooo happy that he was out. DF cut the
cord and we started our kangaroo time for an
hour. I didn't have any tears this time which is
definitely making recovery that much better. The
only thing I had was like a superficial cut almost
like a paper cut type thing but I don't feel it and
I'm not bothered by it at all.
He did have some issues regulating his
temperature the first day and was a little
jaundice but his levels went down to where they
said he would not require any light therapy and
he started regulating his temperature after a
couple hours of skin to skin contact with me.
Breastfeeding is going pretty well and they were
all surprised at how fast he latched on
considering his age.

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Great birth story! I know you were planning on getting an epi but it sounds like it went pretty fast once you got to the hospital and you did such a great job. WTG mama! DF also sounds like he was an excellent support for you. Glad recovery has gone well and BFing too.

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that's great Smile Sounds like you had some wonderful support
congrats again

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I'm glad you had such an awesome support team! And see, you could do it!!! And you got your handsome guy out of it! Congrats again!!!

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That sounds like a great birth story to me! I imagine the quick labor can be a blessing, to get the misery part done & over with... Happy your little one is doing so well!

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Awesome job!! Congrats Smile

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Great news! Sounds like a quick labor...congrats!