Dinner questions

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Dinner questions

Hey ladies,

I have found this time around I'm having alot of difficulty with the smell of things cooking. My poor kids have had vegie and noodle dishes and toasted sandwiches quite alot lately as even the idea of meat makes my stomach turn.

I had iffy meats whith the other pregnancies, my 1st i couldnt handle sausages and my 2nd i couldnt handle minced beef......but with this one (#4) its all meats, even when its cooked it smells raw to me and i cant eat it.

Is anyone else experiencing the same or similar??

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Hmm... not experiencing that this time. I did have a pretty strong aversion to chicken with my last pregnancy though. Good luck!! Hope this is something that passes quickly!

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I had a very serious aversion to ground beef and garlic cooking with my first pregnancy. This time it's not as severe, but I have tremendous smell sensitivity and at different times different things will bother me a LOT. I'm also eating a lot of pasta and bread because I don't have a reaction to those.

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I am the same way with sausage! We had it with pasta one night and I about puke my guts out. Interesting I wasn't the only one!

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Ive never been a big meat eater, with Caleb i loved cereal. I couldnt get enough of it. This time the smell of garlic makes me sick. I work at pizza hut so you can imagine how much i gag lol

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I can't stand the smell of ground beef cooking. It smells terrible and makes me want to throw up. I'm always trying not to breath in through my nose when I cook it. My husband of course loves ground beef and doesn't like chicken much (more so since he got back from deployment where all they had was chicken for 3 months straight haha). My youngest does better with ground beef so I just push through that smell for them.

And when the time comes for chicken, my husband grins and bares it as he eats ha ha.

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I couldn't handle chicken with #2, the smell was aweful. Once I could finally get past the smell and eat it I would get sick from it. I don't think I ate much chicken until the end of that pregnancy.

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I havent been eating much meat either, besides the smell, it just doesnt sound that appealing. I managed to make it thru my husband cooking ground beef to go in beef stroganoff, and I even managed to eat a bit of that the other night, but really I havent been having any meat. Just noodles and crackers lately..

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No chicken during any of my pregnancies, just makes me ill - can't stand the smell of syrup, don't want any cereals ewww

I can't even smell pepperoni without heaving.

Extreme aversion to eggs -- the mere mention ewww

Funny beef has the opposite effect. It actually settles my stomach. Not big on the pasta at all, but we've been pretty much gluten free for years in my house.

I'm good with most fruits and veggies though so that's good. Okay, now I'm extra nauseated from talking about my food aversions lol!