Don't Judge Me...

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Don't Judge Me...

...but I gave Desmond some apple sauce at dinner tonight. i couldn't help it! He was watching us eat and the other night it seemed like he reached for my food. And since it was apple sauce I figured a little wouldn't hurt! he LOVED it!

Also I only gave him some AFTER he BFed. and 1 1/2 hours later he's already BFing again lol. He's doing it as I type thing. But I loved seeing how excited he was to get some of what we were eating! Although DD2 wanted me to feed her the apple sauce too lol. Oh man it will be fun when we start doing solid foods all the time lol.

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Why would we judge you? You are his mama, you know him and what he can be ready for. He's close to 4 months anyway. I know lots like to clamour how we should wait longer, but some babies do well. Just watch and make sure he handles it well, even today!

I'm so excited to start foods. I just can't wait Biggrin

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Glad he seemed to enjoy it...

I'm sure Ella's Ped will encourage us to start solids with her at her 4 month check... I'm not planning on doing it until around 6 months though. No hurry here! BFing is soooo much easier and quicker... I'm actually NOT looking forward to all the time involved in making her food, feeding her, and then cleaning up the mess afterwards! Wink

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He's nearly 4 months and what PP said is right. You are his mom and you get to make those decisions for him. We'll likely start solids at 4 months with Kole too, we did with DD. I'm glad he liked it.

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No judging here! Our other 2 both had ice cream around 4 mths but that is becuase my dad loves to feed them that when they are young not because we were trying to give them food. I think we will wait till around 6 mths, we did with both of our others. Plus I am not looking forward to the extra effort, BFing is so easy and quick.

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Lol I'm on a FB page for moms and pregnant people for our area and there are SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO many people who would flip if I said I gave him a little applesauce. They're saying how even at 6+ months babies shouldn't get solid foods and such. Actually yesterday they were making a big deal out of a BFing mom who gave her kid a sucker (although I do agree the baby shouldn't have had a sucker, but they were SSSOOOO judgmental). I like this page better because I don't think we have anyone who is a know it all lol.

But so far he's doing real well. He's his happy self and still nursing like every 2 hours lol. I'm sort of hoping he goes on growth spurt only so he fits better in his 3-6 month clothes lol.

Ha last night he even smiled so much when I gave him applesauce. Smile

I'm looking forward to doing solid foods only because I think he feels more included at the dinner table lol. (Although every time he eats he wants to nurse too so he is included)

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Smile yum........if he's ready he's ready, only you will know that so others have no place to judge.

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Applesauce is yummy. No wonder he was thrilled. Biggrin

My DD has been STARING at my food since she turned three months old. The other day I was trying to eat and nurse her at the same time, and she refused to latch until my sandwich was gone. She watched it go back and forth between my mouth and plate the whole time. When the sandwich finally disappeared, her body language totally said "Oh well, maybe next time" and then she latched.

I'm predicting her first solid food will be something she filches off my plate when I'm not looking.

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Lol it makes me feel bad when we're eating and you can tell he's looking and thinking "Hey where's mine?" And it's not like he gets it all the time, just a little every few days when it seems like he's not eating enough during a nursing session and screaming because he's still hungry. Then after he gets some (which he smiles through the whole thing) he nurses more and then goes to sleep.

I remember my girls always staring at my food but they also had cereal at like a month old ha ha.