Don't know why Heidi is up all night.. but it has to stop!!!!

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Don't know why Heidi is up all night.. but it has to stop!!!!

So second night in a row that Heidi was up pretty much all night.... And she didn't nap any extra during the day yesterday. Don't know what's up, but we are soooo tired!

So she went to sleep normally around 8:30, was up at 11 and just wouldn't go back to sleep... My husband was up with her until 2, then she was up at 2:30, 3 until 4 and finally slept from 4 to 6:30. Not long enough and especially since she screamed the whole time she was awake, not a happy little one. Of course, this was coupled with my older daughter having a friend over for the night, so they didn't get to sleep until 10 and were up at 5:30.. Going to be a long day, although I'm not sure I want her to nap too much to give me a break because I really, really, really want her to sleep tonight. Seven people in the house with seven short tempers hopefully doesn't mean lots of bickering between kids... Early bedtime tonight!!


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Des did that when his teeth started coming in. He was a sleepless angry child lol. But it passed after a week or 10 days. Hope you all get some sleep soon.

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i would suggest teeth as well.. although Ella has turned into a pretty crappy sleeper in general the last couple of months. With many nights of frequent wakings, or waking then not going back to sleep... although she doesn't scream the whole time, which is ok... but damn this mama is tired... popping her two bottom teeth helped a bit, but not much...

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Seems it was a cold.. she must have been having a hard time breathing although at that time, the running nose hadn't begun. Yesterday and today I am finding it shocking how much can drain out of a little one's eyes and nose. Poor little one has started crying when she sees me walking toward her with a tissue. Guess it is better than it was at night than before because she slept last night ok, and so far so good for tonight!!

And possibly teeth too, since we are still sitting at three, and her first two came in right together, so I keep expecting number 4 any day!


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awww poor Heidi, they sell nasal Vaseline thing if her nose is sore, could also try sitting in a steam shower with her help her drain a bit easier.
Hope it passes soon

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Bree was like that last week. Poor thing is on her third cold in a row. Hope it passes soon for you all!