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dr appointment

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday... I'm nearly 39 weeks, and everything looks good except that the fundal height only grew from 34 to 34.5cm... so measuring pretty small for this point. Dr. didn't seem too worried, but he did comment that it wasn't very much growth. Hopefully little one will be here soon!!


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Glad the appt. went well. Some growth is some growth so try not to worry. Your getting close!

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Glad everything is looking good! Yay for a good appt!

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You are so close! Sounds like a good appt.

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Sounds like a good appointment. I wouldn't worry about the fundal height either, it's still growth and more than likely the position the baby is in contributed to the measurement.

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Not much longer!! Glad you had a good appt.

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Getting close!! Glad you had an overall good Appointment!

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Glad you had a good appointment. My fundal height has slowed a lot with this pregnancy too...it started out 2 cm ahead, and after 33 weeks, it slowed way down. Now I'm 2 cm behind. I think positioning has a lot to do with it.

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Good appt Smile If doc isn't worried, I wouldn't worry too much.