Drama and a new scheduled C/S date
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Thread: Drama and a new scheduled C/S date

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    Default Drama and a new scheduled C/S date

    This baby sure knows how to bring the drama. Last Friday I had my pre-op appointment and my dr mentioned she might have to be in court as a witness in a case and didn't know when and for how long, so there was a chance another of the doctors would have to do my c-section on the 17th.

    Fast forward to Tuesday for my weekly checkup, and during my NST the NP tells me she got called, will be out for 2 weeks, so I need to deliver with a different doctor AND on a different day. So, my c-section got bumped from the 17th to the 18th, and with the one doctor I hadn't met yet. I had my visit with her right after, and she's perfectly nice, but I can't help but be a little disappointed at the change in plans.

    I'm also starting to spill protein in my urine, so I had to go today for another NST, and I go back Monday for an NST and OB visit.

    5 days until I get to meet this baby!

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    sorry to hear about the last-minute drama! I wouldn't exactly be thrilled, to have things changed so drastically, when the circumstances have nothing to do with you. :-\ Looking forward to hearing good news, though!

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    Man. That stinks that things had to change so much and fast with your date right around the corner. However, at least you have a countdown to when you get to meet your LO. At least you've met the dr and she's nice.

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