Dream last night....

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Dream last night....

Last night, I dreamt I was having TWINS! Ahhhhh. Now, don't get me wrong every baby is a gift and I would be blessed to have 2 more babies......but I only would like one more thanks! I have an u/s appt on the 6th so hopefully it will ease my fear of twins. DF was not so thrilled either when I told him about my dream last night...lol.

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And then of course there is a story on yahoo about the actress Julie Bowen who already had one child, got pregnant again wanting only one more, and was pregnant with TWINS! lol IS this all a coincidence, lol. I know there is a slim chance, but it's not really likely. My family only has one set of twins and I believe my aunt was doing fertility treatments that pregnancy. So they don't technically "run in the family".

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Let's hope there is only one in there. I know what you mean by 2 would still be a blessing but it would also be a lot of work. I am hoping for you there is only one, and for me as well.

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I kept having dreams I was having twin boys! My husband only wants one more, I would like two though ha. But almost every night I was dreaming of twins and getting a little uneasy. Then when I was spotting at 5 weeks the dr in the ER said my levels were extremely high and said there was a good chance of twins! After that I kept reading stories and seeing TV shows about twins! It freaked me out because when I had my m/c in April I kept seeing things about miscarriages before and after it happened.

After being nervous for 4 weeks we had the u/s yesterday confirming only one! I felt better, as did husband.

Hope you get what you really want at your u/s! Good luck!

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I know how you feel! Twins DO run in both sides of our families, so there's a possibility for us. But with DS2 being just about 18-19 months, I'm hoping for just 1 baby in there Wink I'm the oldest of 4, though, and my youngest 2 siblings are twins! So the thought has occurred to me, but :eek:

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Twins terrify me!

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I have always wanted twins Smile But I hope that I am carrying a singleton.

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I would've loved twins with my first or second. I always wanted three kids, never more, but then my baby grew up and we decided to go for the fourth. Now I was terrified of having twins as well, they do run in our family. Good luck, hopefully there's only one in there!