Duggars are going for 20!!

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Duggars are going for 20!!

EEEk:eek: i cant believe it!!! She is due in April as well!!

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Wow, that is so interesting! I watch their show from time to time when I'm home. 20 kids! I would be so overwhelmed lol.

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I can't help it: I love the Duggars. I hope the pregnancy goes well - it's got to be their last, Michelle is in her mid-40s by now!

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Hopefully it goes better then their last one, that little girl was born really early! Luckily she survived! Crazy if you ask me, but they seem to make it work!

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Having 20 kids would be a zoo! I can't imagine keeping track of appointments, activities, feedings, etc for that many.

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I like the Duggars as well and love watching their family. I wish I was as organized as Michelle.

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I think you would have to be organized with that many kids around. Luckily they have plenty of older kids to help out. I have nothing against them having as many kids as they want/can have. I grew up Mennonnite and have several aunts who have more than 10 kids. My only thought is that once you start having grandkids it's time to stop having your own kids. Like a guide to go by, maybe. Lol But to each his own, and I hope they have a healthy pregnancy and and a healthy baby.

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I'm a little speechless over it, although I support individual decisions. I just keep thinking that I would have such a hard time emotionally getting pregnant again, after how scary things got with her last pregnancy.

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I love the Duggars and am so happy that their family is growing! They are the real deal, no one who watches them can deny that!